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Rachel storm-#1 storm series

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Chapter 1

Rachel's P.O.V

Hi, I'm Rachel Gwendolyn storm ,to most couples their wedding day is one of the most happiest days of their lives ,but mine was the most tragic day of my life.

I was a victim of a near death experience and kidnap on my wedding day.


Flash back

Sofia's p.o.v

24th July 2017

As i look at myself in the mirror,the white dress I'm putting on illuminates my asentric curves .Right now i have mixed emotions happiness and nervousness ,though i have awaited this day .Today is the day ill be getting married to the man i dreamt of morning and night, the man who occupied an extremely large part of her heart. a tear drop rolled down her cheeks at the thought.

"Sofia aren't you ready"my mum asked while admiring me head to toe."yeah i am"i said in between tears and a smile."Awwn, Honey. don't cry everything's going to be fine"my mum said giving me a hug."i know, I'm just nervous"i replied.

"Are does tears of joy or pain" Kristin my best friend asked while leaning on the door post."totally tears of joy"i replied with a light chuckle.

" there's my little princess" my dad said entering the room"I'm not little anymore ill be getting married minutes from now" i said ."i cant believe ill be letting you go today" my dad said while massaging my cheek bone with his thumb.

"I know right"my mum jumped in."i think its time"Kristin said breaking the family moment.

"shall we" my dad said while waiting for me to put my arm into his."we shall"i replied.


As i walk down the aisle i could see lot of friends and family members through the corner of my eye ,i also stole a glance at my mum she had a really big smile plastered on her face,right behind her was a man in a black suit with thick black shades. i don't remember inviting him ,maybe Alex did.

when i reached the altar i am taken by my handsome fiance and soon-to-be-husband, Alex.

"hey beautiful" he said through a smile."hey handsome"i replied with a little chuckle.

As the vows started, i stole a glance at the crowd and the man in black wasn't there anymore.

Just on cue a black Cadillac pulled up at the entrance and six well built men all in black stepped out and started walking towards the wedding. I'm getting scared as they get closer one of the men reached for his inner suit pocket .when i heard Alex call my name.

"Sofia" Alex called Through gritted teeth and the priest repeated the vow " i do..."my words trailed off as i heard a gunshot.

Everybody quickly bent down and i glanced at where it came from it was one of the men in black. i knew they where suspicious i said in my mind.

You could hear the rumbling of chairs as people tried to run. Alex tugged me lightly to follow him but before i could another shot was fired and at me i could smell the metallic scent of blood .the last thing i heard or saw was Alex face and his cry for help.

I cant believe I'm going to die on my wedding day was the last thing i said before darkness engulfed me.


My eyes fluttered open and all i could seen was the white ceiling ,was i in heaven already. As i got up i recognised it was a hospital. i survived i said mentally.

Just on cue two male nurses walked in mumbling something. These guys are two muscular to be nurses i thought. one came to my right while the other to my left.

"please, where's my family" i asked them but they didn't answer me. They both held my arms down to the bed ,i tried to struggle but to no avail. Another masculine nurse walked into the room with a covered mouth.

"Hello,Sofia" he said coldly with his hands behind his back."who are you and how do you know my name,you know its very obvious your not a nurse"i said still trying to struggle.

"smart and beautiful ,too good to be true"he said with a little smirk "and that's none of your business" he snapped.

"you see my plan was to kill you" he said cruelly while glaring at the two nurses beside me ." but my minions where to stupid" he said averting his glare from them and positioning it to me.

"why would you want to do that ,i don't even know you" i said as hot tears ran down my face ."oh you did"he said with an evil smirk.

"what did i do to you" i asked as the tears got worse.

"you sure are really stubborn and if you ask any other question i might change my mind on what I'm about to do"he added intently and coldly.

"I'm going to spare your life"i mentally rejoiced as the tears subsided. once i leave this place the first thing i would do is to find Alex and get this peasants arrested.

"But" i heard him add ,please be good i pleaded internally."your leaving the united states forever" he added." what"i exclaimed as the tears came back and a lump grew in my throat.

"your gonna change your name ,hair color ,wear contacts all together your identity and if your ever found back in the united states your gonna be killed" he said cruelly with a smirk the tears got worse as he continued.

"your flight fair has already been taken care off he said with a light smirk.

"B...but my fam..Ily ,friends my life here in the U.S" i stuttered through sobs.

"That's for you to figure out"he said cruelly while walking towards the door ,once he reached for the nob he stopped and turned around "knock her out"he said as he turned back and walked out of the room.

"what! please don't do that" i pleaded to the men but they didn't listen i screamed and screamed till my throat was sore but all to no avail "aren't they people in this hospital "i asked mentally.

They guy on the right got out a large syringe and injected me before i could say anything.

"get her to the helicopter"was the last thing i heard before my vision got blurry and i was engulfed by darkness.

End of flashback


3 Years later


Rachel's P.O.V

I immediately woke up covered in sticky sweet and tears .Its been 6months since i had a nightmare from my past. i drew up my knees to my chin and wrapped my hands around them as i started crying harder leaning my head on the head board.


A U T H O R S . N O T E


Hey guys

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by the way

her dream was what actually happened

3 years ago at her wedding.

I'm also open to constructive critics

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