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A girl with a tragic past trying to leave it behind A Man heartless as they come When both of their world's collide there will be heartbreak ,death ,tears but mostly love and friendship .

Romance / Other
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-The June roses over the porch were awake bright and early on that morning, rejoicing with all their hearts in the cloudless sunshine, like friendly little neighbors, as they were. Quite flushed with excitement were their ruddy faces, as they swung in the wind, whispering to one another what they had seen, for some peeped in at the dining-room windows where the feast was spread, some climbed up to nod and smile at the sisters as they dressed the bride, others waved a welcome to those who came and went on various errands in garden, porch, and hall, and all, from the rosiest full-blown flower to the palest baby bud, offered their tribute of beauty and ..

I was pulled out of my reading when i heard joe screaming "PLEASE NO , PLEASE, TAKE HER, TAKE HER, DON'T HURT MY WIFE , PLEAS..." and then a gun went off, after that it was silence.

I quickly took my teddy bear and hid under the bed , i could hear Vanessa crying but suddenly it stopped.

Two or more mintues went by when i hear two pair of footsteps coming towards my room , before i could go further and blend with the wall a gun went off ...again.

A body fell, slowly i opened my eyes the body that fell was Vanessa's body a bullet wound between her eyes .

Before i could even produce a sound i was dragged by my feet,i came face to face with a man , he had a scar running from his forehead and it ended at his lips his eyes looked sadistic , evil.

He grabbed my face in a strong grip and studied me.

" why look what we have here Anastasia Petrov "

i didn't even know what he wanted with me and why he called me Anastasia Petrov my name was Anastasia Chernov .

He gripped my face tighter " We'll be back for you little Petrov " he brought his lips next to my ear and whispered " watch your back " and then all i saw was darkness.

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