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Chapter 1

The terrible sun sadly woke me up and the screaming of my two best friends.

I've never been a morning person and never will be.

People always tell me to drink a cup of coffee or maybe two it apparently helps with the energy and to lighten up the mood their words not mine.

But there is a slight problem, I don't drink coffee, I never have, the first time I tried coffee I was 10 and since then i vowed to never put that disgusting thing near my lips again.

"Do you think she's dead"

" Don't be stupid ,she's breathing look at her chest moving"

" why are you looking at my boobies" I say , Wendy just rolls her eyes and mimics me ,while Elle just stands there with her hands on her hips motioning for me to get up.

Rolling my eyes I peel of the covers and slowly get out of bed.

" nice PJs Anya" Wendy says with a wink

" do you have a problem with Olaf Wendy bendy" I say with a smirk knowing she hates that nickname, she just flippes the middle finger at me and lays down on my bed.

" are you excited" Elle says while holding my clothes

" writing about a mysterious death of a young billionaire isn't it's exciting as it sounds Elle" I say while taking my clothes out of her hands and start undressing

" I know but this is the biggest story that was given to you ,at least cheer up a bit, let me see the drama queen everyone loves and not to sound mean or anything but you look like a zombie" she says with a sheepish smile.

" geez thanks" I say a small chuckle.

" sorry , just put some concealer under those bags, a little bit of mascara on those lashes and a red lip for a dramatic look and Kaboom you're done" she says as she waves her hands around excitedly

I just shake my head and smile at her .

"Wendy can you do my hair while I do my makeup"

"Sure " she says as she get up from my bed and starts to do my hair while i try and make myself presentable.

"You look flawless Anya " elle says

"Thank you , just pray that i dont trip amd fall on my face with these heals"

I was wearing a black suit with red heals that i stole from elle and some small hoops i got from wendy .

I start making my way downstairs as i search for my phone

" Elle , Wendy , have you guys seen my phone " i shout as i search though the living room .

"Anya" wendy calls out .

"What?" I say as i turn around to face them , both of them were looking at me weirdly.

"What, why are you guys looking at me like that ?" .

Elle just points at my hand and dear god, thats when i knew i really was fucked up in the brain , the phone i was searching for over 10 minutes was in my hand .

Trying to escape their teasing i look at my non-existent watch and say " wow , why would you look at the time , better run , bye guys love you " and i start running towards my car and start to drive off .

The streets were busy , people were running left and right trying to get themselves to work ,the traffic was filled with different sized cars , it was very sunny considering last night was raining like crazy, but somehow rain always calmed me down ,it gave me a sense of happiness and it always lifted my mood up.

The Raindrops Were some kind of unnamed Melody that no one ever paid attention to it.

Some people feelt the rain while others just got wet.

The tall building of Heath Knight came in view , the place was swarmed with reporters and police .

No one knew what happened or how it happened , the place was secured with cameras and high technology but somehow the killer managed to get inside Mr.knights office and kill him .

My opinion, someone from the inside did it , but Mr.knight must have done something for someone to want him dead , he never was a very bright person either .

"Ahh, Anastasia Chernov, welcome " ladies and gentlemen i present to you the new owner of knight industries, Malcom Karrington , Mr.knight former best friend.

" Nice to meet you Mr.kerrington, shall we start " i say confidently as i make my way to the chair that was in front of him .

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