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Chapter 2

I'd like for you to accompany me to lunch after this interview Anastasia" he says with a teasing smirk , don't get me wrong he is a gorgeous man but also not my type and very asshole-ish.

" it's Ms.Chernov please, and I'm afraid I have to turn down that offer sir, I'm here strictly for business." I say while grabbing my bag for support ,why am I doing it you might ask, I don't know myself.

" Yes , yes , of course , im sorry Ms.Chernov " he says while he goes behind his desk and sits upon the chair that once his best friend sat .

"So Mr.kerrington, you were a close friend of Mr.knight " i say as i press the play button on my phone and start recording the interview.

"Yes , yes I was indeed . Heath was a very hard person to be friends with , how i landed the position of his best friend I don't know, maybe it was the annoying persona in me that drew him or the fact that he and my sister started dating " he says as if he's recalling those moments.

"In a previous interview that i had with Mr.knight he told me that you two were inseparable, like brothers ." I say in a carefully tone , it had been only three weeks since the murder of Mr.knight and he was still mourning the loss, judging by the bags under his eyes and his disshelved hair ,he didn't get much sleep .

"We were so damn close ,he was truly my light "he says running his fingers through his hair .

" he was the popular boy in high school and college and people always mistook him as a bad boy just beacuse he wore leather jackets and a play boy cause he was a magnet to the women but he never did anything with them , he never was any of those .

He was a genuine man , heck he taught half of the shit I know now , but one thing he was good at was loving my sister and nephew , imagine my shock when they got married and he became my brother-in-law.

He was my brother , maybe not by blood , but as people say blood doesn't make family ."

He ended it with a smile that didn't quite reach his eyes .

"Do you miss him " i say as i toss the paper of the questions that was given to me , if you wanted a good story you had to make it as you saw it fit .and those questions that were written on that little piece of page weren't questions that had to be ask to a mourning man .

"Every damn day , i see him in my nephew , my sister became this shell of a person since he died , his death took a hard toll on us , to us he was a star while to others he was just another piece of a shiny object."

"Do you think someone did it "

"Someone from the inside " i tell him slowly , his eyes widen as he gets up from his chair and he quickly takes a large folder in his desk and starts going through it.

He quickly closes at and smiles" you Anastasia amaze me, I owe you one" he says as he takes his jacket and runs towards the door but before I could even comprehend what was happening he turns around and leaves a sweet kiss in my cheek.

" The best of luck Anastasia, thank you" he says as he disappears behind the door and I'm left there sitting confused " What just happened " i whisper as i gather my things, and make my way towards the door and to the lobby outside his office my phone starts ringing.

"Hello" I say while making my way towards the elevator .

"Anya its me , Wendy, i called to let you know me and and Elle will be out late cause I have a concert with the school and Elle has a runway for a brand which i forgot the name of " she says in a hurry .

"Oh that's okay , I'll make dinner for you guys and leave it in the oven " i say as the elevator doors open and a woman in her late 30 gets in .

"God Anya you're the best, i gotta go , i love you " she says

"I love you too, go and rock that stage " i tell her beore saying our good byes .

The elevator doors open once again signalling that we have arrived downstairs i step out if it , the halls of the company were still filled , and drama was unfolding between the reporters and the police .

I quickly make my way out as i don't wanna be caught in the middle of that , quietly making my way to my car my eyes catch a small cafe , it looked cozy and it had that 80s aesthetic look which drew me in .

Making my way to the little cafe i saw that not many people were in there but there was another cafe right next to it , it was very modern and very white for my taste.

As I make my way into the little cafe i realized that the inside was gorgeous , there were pictures of the 80s and 90s celebrities, you had Queen , Pink Floyd , Nirvana and so many more .

Not only that but there was a corner filled with books and records .

I found a seat near the window and started skimming through the pages of the menu and two things caught my eyes .

Croissant and Chocolate milkshake.

"Hi dear, my name is willow , welcome to theo's cafe , would you like to place your order " she was in her late 60 I think, her smile was bright and happy, it warmed up my heart .

"Hi my name is Anastasia but you can call me Anya , can i please have a croissant and a chocolate milkshake " i say as i put the menu and smile at her

"Of course dear , it'll be ready in 10 " she says as she makes her way behind the counter with a smile .

The croissant and milkshake were to die for , me and willow had a small talk, this cafe was opened to honour his son who was away in Afghanistan .

She made me promise to come and visit her more often .

The cafe was amaizng , not to many people and it gave you that homey feeling , i felt at peace here .

I guess I had found my safe haven ...

But how wrong was i .

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