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Let her go Rasnovich" his voice was deep and calm , way to calm

"Why , do you care about the girl" the man who was holding me in a death grip seetheed

"She is a civil, you know the rules " the deep voice guy said .

" Oh but where's the fun in that " the grip on my shoulder tighten even more if that's possible.

"Let the girl go David " the grip on my shoulder vanished .

"I'll come back for her , i always do " and just like that he was gone and i was left with the stranger who saved me ... kind of .

Just as i was about to walk away his voice made me stop dead in my tracks " Don't even think about it , you're coming with me " but he still remained hidden in the shadows far away from prying eyes.

" What , no , i have to go home , i have a job , a life " but he still remained in the shadows .

" it was nice to met you sir but im afraid I have to go and thank you " i tell him but before i could even lift my foot he spoke

" You leave , you die , you heard what the man said , not only are you putting yourself in danger but your family and friends " and that caught my attention.

"I'll give you time to think , you have 24 hours , if you change your mind call me in this number " he says as he slips a letter in my back pocket .

" Remember your friends are at sake too " and with that i hear his retreating footsteps.

Wendy and Ellie were asleep in the living room and the tv was on ,displaying whatever show they were watching .

Quietly i start making my way towards my room , once I was in i closed the door and started undressing and put my clothes in a chair that used to be where I would sit and study, but now , now it was used to throw my clothes at it .

After a long shower and brushing my teeth i sat on my bed and the thoughts that i tried so hard to coceal took over my mind .

If I don't go with him i may get killed by the creepy dude but not only that ,i would also put the lives of Ellie and Wendy in danger .

I close my eyes and let my body fall into the cushions of my bed , how do I get myself on these situations .

With a loud groan i sit up and grab the letter that he gave me .

Should i ,


But should I?


I'm doing it .

I start punching the number in the phone and let it ring .

What if he gave me a fake number .

" So did you decide " came his deep voice through the phone.

" How did you know it was me " i ask

"Do not worry about that Anastasia " the way my name rolled of his tounge made my toes curl . Wait a minute , i never told him my name .

" Anastasia i don't have all night , did you or did you not make your desicion." He said through the phone with an aggravated sign.

" if i accept will my friends be safe?" I ask for reassurance.

"Yes , yes they will be "

"Will I be able to see them once a week " there was a long pause before he spoke

"Fine "

"Then you know what my answer is " I say

" be ready at 9 A.M and only pack things you need "

" I will " i tell him

"Then i bid you goodnight Anastasia , see you tomorrow "

" Goodnight ..uhum " i just realised that i don't know his name .

"Dimitri " he says

"Goodnight Dimitri " there was a long intake of breath before i hung up.

I sit up from my bed and started packing some shirts , dresses , pants , shoes and bathroom necessities.

I felt nervous and scared , i just accepted an offer from a total stranger , what if after he collects me , he tortures me and then kills me and therefore leaving him no choice but to throw my remains either in the ocean or in the woods where the wolves can devour them.

Either way if i don't go with him not only do i die but so does Ellie and Wendy and that is something I will not allow .

After everything was packed and settled I take two large blankets and start heading towards the living rooms to cover up the girls .

After that i head straight to my room and as soon as my head hits the pillow the darkness consumes me .

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