The Professor

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Story of a Professor. Quite young for her age.

Romance / Drama
Virulent Felicia
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The class fell silent to the sound of her heels approaching. Her walk so powerful, she demands respect.

She was the youngest and most feared professors of all time, in the university.

Mostly, people need to do so many things to obtain dominance. Not, her. She just needs to give you a look.

One dreadful look.

She was one of a kind. She always explained every topic in detail and started it with the basics. Something, even highschool professors wouldn't do.

The university she worked in was indeed as extraordinary as her.

She entered the class, in a brown pantsuit, with creme coloured undershirt and creme coloured stilettos. Demanding attention. She walked up and set up a presentation. "Today, let's talk about Nucleophilic Substitution Reactions. So, What are Nucleophilic Substitution Reactions? Anyone?"

Yes. She thought Organic Chemistry. And, no one taught it better than her.

After about an hour, when the class was almost coming to an end, like always she asked for doubts, and cleared them.

"That's all for today. We will continue thid topic in the next class. I hope you all have a great weekend." With that, she left. Heels clicking the floor again.

She checked her wristwatch and sighed. An hour until she can leave.

She walked to her cabin and started checking for the requirements for her next class she will have on Monday. She needs to go over those topics once. She doesn't wanna miss anything while lecturing.

There was a knock on her door. "Come in." She called out.

A group of five girls and four boys rushed in. "Hello, Professor Ailech.. How are you?"

These were few of those students who have seen a little of the casual side of her. They looked up to her. And, she adored them.

She smiled up at them. "I'm good. How are you people? What is it Shannah?"

A boy answered for her. "She has finally decided to break up with Zion. And, is nervous."

She smiled up again and held the girl's hands in her's across her table. " It's okay, Shannah. If the relationship doesn't make you happy. You deserve better."

The girl nodded. "Yes."

"Good. Now, do tell me how it went." She winked at Shannah.

"And, Professor. Please, wish me me luck. I have an interview, today." Another boy said.

"I know you will kill it, Sulyen. Don't worry about it." She smiled up at him.

"Have a good weekend, Professor." All of them said while leaving her cabin.

"You all too." She called out.

After working a bit more on her next class. She was ready to go home.

She grabbed her Creme coloured handbag, her phone and her keys. Locking her door on the way out, she saw a colleague of her locking his door. "Hello, Professor Ailech. Alone, today?"

That bitch ditched me today, she thought. But, gave her colleague a small tight smile. "Professor Ashaz is on leave today. I hope, you have a good weekend." With that she bolted to biometric room.

She was way too tired today. She has been waiting for the week to end since Wednesday.

She absolutely loves her job. But, this week was very hectic. She needs the rest.

After a little more minimal interaction in the biometric room, she bolted for the parking lot.

But, met a student of her class on the way. "Professor, Ailech. Please, I just need to clear the difference between Nucleophiles and Electrophiles."

She signed. Not today. "It's very easy, you see, they are completely opposite from eachother. Nucleophiles, have an extra pair of electron in their outer most shell, making them electron donars to attain the octet of the Carbon atom. On the other hand, Electrophiles lack a pair of electron in their outer most shell, making them electron acceptors. Do you get it, Mr. Donovan?"

The boy nodded. "Yes, thank you so much, Professor."

"No issues." The corridors were almost empty and she sighed again and bolted towards the parking. Her heels clicking on the way.


A black sleek car approached the University campus. The University is almost empty. Students were either in the Dorms or out of the campus. It was a Friday afterall. Half of the students wanted to Party and the rest half wanted to study.

"Are we late?" A masculine voice asked.

"I think so, Signore. May be, the classes finished. We can go to Signora Umniya's appartment." Another man replied in the car.

He felt guilty. He wanted to surprise his sister. He didn't see her for last 2 years. He missed her dearly.

He was about to ask the chauffeur to take him to her apartment. When all of them were distracted by the sound of clicking.

All the heads turned towards the source of noice.

A woman in a brown pant suit. Wearing matching entered the parking area. Unaware of the vehicle and eyes on her.

Her striking grey eyes looked around, then she covered them with brown sunglasses.

Her brown hair tied in a neat bun.

Both her eyes and hair, making a beautiful contrast with her warm toned skin.

A man in black tailored suit opened the rear door of the car and stepped out.

His almost black freshly cut hair were about 3 centimetres long and his bread hair were about a centimetre long. His capturing blue eyes were on her.

Two other men dressed in black followed the suit.

A boy came running in to the parking area. "Professor Ailech, please. You have to come. Things... Things have turned sour. With Shannah and Zion and Santiago."

"Clam down, Sulyen. Tell me, what happened?" She gave him her complete attention. Unaware of three pair of eyes on her.

"When Shannah broke up with Zion. He threatened her. Told her he will upload their private pictures on instagram. Santiago lost his temper and started beating Zion up. And, they are still fighting.. beating eachother up." The boy was panting by the end.

Her face turned so furious. It could have scared anyone. "How dare he? Take me to him."

The boy lead the way and she followed him. The man with black hair and blue eyes started following them.

"Signore? Signore?" One man followed the man in the tailored suit, while one of them stayed by the car.

"Sì(yes)?" He grunted as his eyes remained on the woman in brown pant suit.

The man didn't say anything. And, followed him.

The women walked up to the fight between two well build young men. Other girls and boys were trying to stop them.

"STOP IT!" She command and the boys stopped. Just like that. She walked up to them and stood in the front of a boy. "Don't be ridiculous, Zion. You have made a mistake. Don't go on making more of them. Apologise to Shannah and delete all the private pictures you have. From your Phone, laptop and everywhere. And, learn to take things in a mature manner. Am I clear?"

The boy nodded.

"Good." She turned towards another boy. "Santiago, learn to control your temper. Go to your Dorm and someone please do their first aid." She looked around at the students. Making students leave the scene.

Most of the students left for their Dorms.

She then turned to Shannah. And, the girl hugged the woman, tears pouring out of her eyes.

Professor rubbed her back. "Shh. It's okay, Shannah. He is not worth it." She pulled away, took a tissue out from her handbag and wiped Shannah's tears with a smile. "Let's see if he bothers you, again. I will kick his arse."

The girl started laughing and with her four other students.

"Thank you so much, Professor." Shannah smiled up at her.

She smiled back. "Now that you are done with all of your Assignments and this nasty break up, why don't you go out and have fun tonight?"

The girl nodded. "I will. I will."

Umniya was one of the four students who stayed behind. She looked around and saw her brother waiting for her with a man who looked like he was his guard. "Horatio" She screamed, came running towards her brother and hugged him.

He hugged her back. "Come sei stata, sorellina? (How have you been, little sister?)"

"Oh, I've been great. You?" Umniya beamed at her brother.

He nodded. "I've been good."

He looked towards the woman. And, she was gone. The rest three students were there. But, she. She was gone.

"Che Cazzo? (What the fuck?)" He muttered. Did he imagine her?

"What is it?" Umniya asked her brother.

"Who was that woman in brown pant suit?" He looked back at his sister.

"She is one of my Professors. Professor Ailech. The best one. The one, I always talk about. You should meet her." Umniya couldn't stop smiling.

"Umniya?" One of the boys called out.

She turned and gestured her friends to come. "Guys, this is my brother, Horatio."

Umniya introduced her friends to her brother. "Hey, I'm sorry. I know, you came all the way to meet me. But, my friend needs me now. Why don't you rest up for today and I will see you tomorrow morning?"

Horatio nodded at his sister, kissed her forehead and walked back to his car.

He couldn't get Professor Ailech out of his head. The woman was something special. He could say that just by the way she walked.

Professor Ailech. Hmm. He will have to look her up.

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