The Professor

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Chapter 1

On his way back to the small mansion he owned in New York, he looked up for Professor Ailech.

He first searched for University of New York. On the university site, he went in to the faculty option and saw so many subject categories.

What could she be teaching? He should have asked Umniya.

But, then he remembered Umniya telling him that she loves a Professor who teaches some Chemistry. So, he clicked on Department of Chemistry and there she was.

Maoliosa Ailech. Working since 2016( for 3 years).

That is all the site gave him.

He googled her. And, found her Instagram page to be private. Who keeps their instagram private these days?

Then he went to her Facebook. Thankfully, it wasn't private.

Her most recent post was 3 months ago. She isn't very active on Facebook. But, he got a glance into her life.

He felt like a stalker. But, then. Checking out someone's social media is common these days right? No harm done. Or so he hoped.

He was tempted to follow the woman. She had something. Some spark. Or may be some flame. That called to him like he is a moth.

But, he knew he was a flame himself. Then, why is her flame calling out to his?

It is not the way she looked. She is gorgeous, yes. But, it is also how she handled herself, how she handled the situation down there at the University, how she walked like she owned the world.

Now that he thinks about it. She can own the world. With that flame of her's.

He knows he should be resting. He didn't get any sleep for last 2 days. Except for fee hours on the jet.

But, the last thing he could think of is sleeping.

He knew his sister very well. Just how selfless she is. She has gotten herself in to so much trouble, because of her selflessness.

But, who was he to judge? He has gotten himself in to a million troubles. Which wasn't because of any selflessness, though. It was because of his flame, indeed.

May be, that's why he wanted to get a taste of another flame. Her flame.

He has to find out more about her.

He unlocked his phone and dailed a contact.

"Heyy. How are you?" A young man's voice greeted him enthusiastically.

"Hello, Mr. Ten. I want you to get me some information." Like always. Horatio was right to the point.

Ten signed. "Yes. Of course. Name please? And, if you know anything else, too?"

"Maoliosa Ailech. Professor of the Department of Chemistry at University of New York." Again. Right to the point.

He heard hesitation on the other end of the line. "Mao... Maoliosa? Maoliosa Ailech? Grey eyes, light brown hair?"

Horatio cleared his throat, scratching his beard. Does Ten know her? He lives at New York after all. "Do you know her, Ten?"

"What? What have she done? I'm sure it was a mistake, Mr. Savoia. She didn't mean to do it." Ten was quick to defend her. Meaning, he knows her. And, not just knows her. But, knows her very well. Was Ten trying to protect her?

Horatio was getting impatient. "Do you know her, Mr. Ten? I assure you, she haven't done anything wrong. She teaches my Sister at University. My sister adores her. I wanted to thank her for taking care of my sister."

Ten sighed with relief on the other end. "Ah, Fuck. It's so much like, her to help people around her and get in trouble."

"So? Tell me about her, please. I can meet you personally, if you are okay with it. I'm in the city right now." Horatio was losing his patience.

Horatio heard Ten hoot. "Fucking great. I can make you meet her. Today is a Friday. I have no work. She must be free, too. How about we see you at Aqua Club tonight at 20:00-ish?"

Horatio sighed. "Very well." Disconnecting the call.

How does Ten know he is a Member of Aqua Club?

Aqua Club is one of the high end Clubs he owned. The Club was exclusive. Only allowing entry to it's members.

Does this mean Ten was a member? Maoliosa Ailech was a member?

Now that he wonders. Ten was very very reluctant on revealing his actual name, exact address and any personal information. He is one sneaky creature. He always imagined Ten to have no personal life.

Is Ten dating Maoliosa Ailech?

Her Facebook page said she was single.

But, knowing how hideous Ten is. Their relationship could be a secret.

He needs to know.

But, he has to wait for next 3 hours to know. Just, how convenient.

After reaching his place in New York. He tried engaging himself in his work. His work is the major part of his life. About 90% of his life if he is honest.

And, he loved working.

But, not today, apparently.

He paced his room, took a shower. Thought about shaving, but decided against it.

Dressed himself in another Suit and left for the Club.

As he entered the Club. His eyes searched around for her. He couldn't see her. Or even Ten, for that matter.

It was 19:55. He hoped they turned up on time.

Meanwhile, he was looking down from his chamber in the club through the Glass wall with a glass of Whiskey in his hand.

He kept checking his watch and his phone. It was 20:20 and they haven't turned up yet.

Should he call Ten, again?

And, that's when she entered the Club. In a black full sleeved dress reaching her mid thigh. Wearing red stilettos and holding a small red clutch in her hand.

Her arm around Ten's arm and they walking directly towards the bar.

They were talking animatedly. Looked like they were very close. As they occasionally touched each other's hands or shoulders.

"Luigi, please get Ten into my chambers. His partner may also accompany him." Horatio called out.

"In a moment, Signore." Luigi left his chambers.

He watched as Luigi approached them and said something to Ten. Ten grinned and Maoliosa Ailech frowned seemingly confused.

Ten nodded, whispered something in her ear and lead her with his hand on her back.

Horatio walked to one of his couches and made himself comfortable.

He cannot reveal he is more interested in knowing her flame than he is in thanking her for supporting his Sister.

There was a knock on the door and it opened. Luigi entered first. With a nod from Horatio, he moved aside and let Ten and Her enter.

She looked around as she entered and then her eyes fell on him.

She furrowed her eyebrows looking at him. And, then recognition crossed her face. "I saw you today at the University."

Horatio stood up nodding as he extended his hand for a hand shake and Maoliosa took it. "That's right. I'm Horatio Savoia. Umniya's brother. I have called you to thank you, personally. The way you have taken care if my sister after the demise of grandmother. I'm truly grateful for that."

She smiled warmly and pulled her hand back. "Oh. She is a brilliant girl. I didn't do anything out of the ordinary. It's was my pleasure, truly. I'm Maoliosa Ailech."

"Well, hello there Mr. Savoia. It's good to see you, too." Ten said from the couch he has made himself comfortable into.

He noticed Maoliosa rolling her eyes to Ten.

"Please, have a seat, Miss Ailech." Horatio gestured towards the couches and took a seat himself.

Maoliosa sat right beside Ten and he whispered something in to her ear.

She narrowed her eyes on him and pressed her lips together. Her lips were painted red, too. "Are you serious?"

Ten shrugged and gave her a toothy grin making her roll her eyes at him.

"If you don't mind me asking. How do you both know eachother?" Horatio asked feeling a little bit uncomfortable due the their closeness.

"Mao and I have known each other for last 6 years, I believe. She dated my brother." Ten placed a hand on Maoliosa's hand.

"Oh. And, you are not dating his brother currently?" Horatio was quick to ask as he moved forward in his seat.

Maoliosa shook her head, her face devoid of any emotion. "Sigwalt passed away About 2 years ago."

Horatio felt his chest tightening. He took a deep breath. "I'm sorry for your loss."

Ten absent-mindedly started stroking Maoliosa's hand. "Oh, it's okay."

Maoliosa nodded with a tight smile. "Yeah, it's fine."

Horatio sighned. "Well, would you like to dine with me today, please? How about some Pasta?"

Maoliosa smiled but shook her head. "No thank you. We really wouldn't want to trouble you like that."

"It's no trouble, at all. I really would like to know you better." Horatio insisted.

"Oh, that's would be really great. We love Pasta, don't we?" Ten grinned up at Maoliosa.

Obviously, she loves Pasta. He has done his fair part of the research.

Wait. We?

He was only asking Maoliosa. But, it would be very rude if he dismissed Ten.

"The table is ready, I'm sure." And he did something on his phone.

Luigi opened the door and stood in the doorway. "Sí, Signore."

"Il cibo è pronto, spero. (This food is ready, I hope.)" Horatio raised his eyebrows at him.

"Assolutamente, signore (Absolutely, Sir.)" Luigi nodded.

"Very well, let's go to the dining room, shall we?" He stood up and lead the way.

Horatio heard Maoliosa and Ten talking behind him. "Oh, come on, Mao. You told me you were craving Pasta since three days, on our way here."

Oh he didn't know that.

They reached the dinning room and made themselves comfortable.

As the food was being served. Horatio initiated a conversation. "So, tell me about you, Miss Ailech."

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