The Professor

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Chapter 2

Is it what she thinks it is?

Is this man interested in her?

Or is he just being polite for the sake of Umniya?

Guess, we will find out.

Maoliosa shrugged with a small chuckle. "Well, you already know, I'm a professor at University of New York. Which most people find difficult to believe, because you know, apparently, I don't look like one."

Horatio nodded with a smile. "Well, as far as I know. You are the most capable Professor. I'm sure, Ten will agree with me, here."

Ten laughed out loud nodding. "Oh, she is more than capable, Alright."

Maoliosa smiled gratefully. "That's very polite of you, Mr. Savoia."

Horatio shook his head with a small smile of his own. "Umniya believes you are the best Professor and I beleive her. Moreover, please call me Horatio."

Maoliosa shrugged. " Well, Sure. And, the food really tastes amazing."

"I wanted it to be the best." Horatio maintained his smile.

Maoliosa nodded maintaining her smile. "Oh, it is."

Whistle, Maoliosa and Horatio made small talk, Ten was busy stuffing his face with food. Paying the least attention to the people in the room.

They, finished their dinner, bid farewells and Maoliosa left with a quite drunk Ten.

On their way back to their homes, the car ride was mostly quite. Unlike, their ride from their homes to the Club.

"Well, I think, you should give him a shot. He seemed like he likes you." Ten spoke up as he sat on the passenger's sear with his legs on the dashboard and eyes gazing out from the window.

Maoliosa sighed from the driver's seat, her eyes on the road as she was driving. "Saelac. You know, how it is. I think, I'm not over Sigwalt, yet. It may take me time."

Saelac rubbed his face, sat up straighter and turned towards Maoliosa. "It's been over 2 years, Mao. You cannot waste your whole life away for a person who is not here anymore."

Maoliosa sighed heavily, a little annoyed. "I'm not wasting my life away. I'm just taking my time to get over him."

Saelac sighed too, as he rubbed his face again with his palms, to remove the traces of intoxication. "Mao. I just hope, you don't take too long to get over him."

Maoliosa nodded as she looked at him for a moment before turning her eyes back on the road. "I won't, Lac. I won't."

After few moments, she spoke up again. "By the way. I thought, you didn't meet your clients casually."

Saelac chuckled. "I don't. This wasn't a casual meet up."

Maoliosa gave Saelac a brief look through her lashes. Non-verbally asking him to elaborate.

Saelac chuckled knowingly. "Well, he asked me to do a background check on you. I thought, may be you got yourself in trouble, again. But, he explained he wanted to thank you, personally.

"Mm hmm." Was all Maoliosa uttered.

"But, you know what?"


"I think, he didn't wanted to meet you personally, to thank you. I think, he likes you." Maoliosa didn't need to see Saelac to know that he has a cocky smirk on his face.

Maoliosa just rolled her eyes. "It doesn't matter, what you think."

"I know you think the same, Mao." Saelac pulled Maoliosa's cheek.

Maoliosa just grunted and chose to ignore him.

She stopped the car at his house and groaned. "Get out, already."

Saelac chuckled, kissed her cheek and left the car. But, not before shouting. "I love you too, Mao."

Maoliosa rolled her eyes and dove back home.

She was too tired to change and clean her self. But, she managed to do it and collapsed on her bed.

Her weekend went by pretty normal.

She slept till Saturday noon, then she met her colleague, Faryal Ashaz for brunch. The one who ditched her on Friday and told her about the encounter.

Faryal took a deep breath, her eyes fixed on Maoliosa with a smirk on her face. "So, what you are telling me is. Umniya Savoia's brother invited you on a dinner to thank you for the moral support you gave her during their grandmother's death? I say that's bullshit. I say, he has the hots for you."

Maoliosa rolled her eyes. " I don't think so. If he was really interested in me. He would have asked me out. Which he didn't."

Faryal was quick to ask. "Do you want him to ask you out?"

Maoliosa looked down at her glass and shrugged. "I don't know. I mean, I don't know the man at all."

Faryal burst out laughing. But, calmed herself down when she saw Maoliosa's straight face. "And, the only way to find out more about this guy is to go out with him. Right?"

Maoliosa bit her lip and sighed. "You might be right."

"I'm always right." Faryal raised her eyebrows with a cocky smirk.

Maoliosa spent Saturday evening doing laundry and deep cleaning her apartment.

Sunday she re-organised her bed room and rested.

She was now ready for Monday.

Horatio on the other hand, spent most of his weekend with his sister and planning his next meeting with Maoliosa.

By Sunday, as expected, Umniya suspected his interest in Maoliosa and offered to invited her over for lunch. "I mean. We all love her. Like, really love her. And, we invite her to hang out with us all the time. But, she says, no matter how found she is of us. It's not appropriate for a Professor to hang out with her students." Umniya babbled.

"I admit, she sparked my interest. I really want to know about her." Horatio did not have any other option than admitting his feelings.

"Then, get to know her like a normal person, Tio. Don't spy on her, like a creep. She isn't your business partner. She is the woman you are interested in." As Umniya gave her little speech she thought it would be great if her brother and her favourite Professor dated. But, she also couldn't stop thinking. If things don't work out between them. She doesn't wanna loose, the bond she has with Processor Ailech.

Horatio nodded with narrowed eyes considering his sister's advice. "I actually, might take your advice this time."

Umniya took a long sip from her glass. "Good for you."
Before Horatio could answer her she continued. "I'm glad, you are interested in her. Like, knowing her. She is amazing. But, knowing you. You usually don't see girls like you know. I don't know how to put it. I hope, you really see how rare of a woman she is."

Horatio dropped his gaze on his plate then looked at her. "I know and I might be aware of her rarity."

"I hope it works out." Umniya sighed.

And, just like that. Monday rolled in.

Maoliosa walked to her cabin in navy blue stilettos, a navy blue pant suit, dropped her navy blue handbag on her desk and sighed.

Turning around her desk and taking a seat, she turned her laptop on and started rechecking her presentation for the class.

The door of her cabin opened, Faryal walked in and took a seat at a chair beside Maoliosa's. "Good morning. Ah. I almost forgot, you have first class on Mondays."

Though, this wasn't Faryal's cabin. But, they mostly sat together. Either in her cabin or in Faryal's. And, Faryal had a seat only for herself in Maoliosa's cabin. Just like Maoliosa had a seat just for her in Faryal's cabin.

Maoliosa turned towards her chuckling as she took a look at her friend. "Morning. I hope, you didn't forget about your second hour."

Faryal sighed. "I didn't, I'm prepared. But, I'm also tired."

Maoliosa frowned. "You look sleep deprived. What happened?"

Faryal sighed again, closing her eyes and resting the back of her head on the chair. "Oh yeah. I had to tell you. My Sister Badiah arrived last night. We spent the whole night chatting away."

Maoliosa checked her wristwatch with a smile. "Wow. How long is she gonna stay?"

Faryal shrugged. "Umm. I don't know. Few days may be. May be, a week. And, she wanted to see you. So, we're going to mine today from work." She opened her eyes and fixed Maoliosa with her gaze.

Maoliosa stood up with a smile, gathering her laptop, phone and keys. "That's great. I will see you after your class." And, marched out. Her heels clicking the ground.

Maoliosa came out of the class carrying her laptop, phone and keys, walked right back inside her cabin unlocking it.

Faryal had already left for her class.

She has forth hour, again. But, she is prepared. So, she spent her time checking her students' assignments.

Faryal returned from her class and Maoliosa was also done with her forth hour.

She was walking back to her cabin from the class and was stopped by one of her colleagues. "Hello, Processor Ailech. How was your weekend?"
She sighed and turned with a forced smile. "It was good, Professor Harrington."

Professor Harrington gave her one of his smiles he thinks looks sexy on him. But, Maoliosa finds all of his smiles creepy. The vibes she gets from him are unsettling. "May be, we can go out this weekend, then?"

Maoliosa was back to her straight face. "May be. I will see you, around." Not waiting for a reply, she turned and resumed her March towards her cabin.

He have asked her out so many times, till date.

And, so many times she have politely refused.

She also told him off directly quite number of times.

But, he never stopped.

She has to do something.

To her relief, her cabin was unlocked meaning she can have an instant discussion on how to end the advances Professor Harrington was making on her.

She opened her door and started talking. "Ah. He is so annoying, I'm gonn-" She stopped abundantly as she saw Horatio Savoia in Faryal's seat.

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