The Professor

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Chapter 4

"Seems like you two talked quite a lot, the other day." Faryal commented, a little surprised.

Maoliosa was so surprised, her eyes were wide and she was trying to think if she ever told him about her favourite flower? Or was it a wild guess? "Here's the thing, Faryal. I didn't tell him."

Faryal stood up and started pacing. " Woah, okay. This is either just some harmless guess. Or this is legit stalking."

Maoliosa looked at her panicked friend. She wanted to calm her down. But, she was starting to freak out, as well.

They were in the middle of this freak out session and there was another knock on the door.

The door opened and few of her colleagues were there. About 5 women and 2 men.

"Hello, Professor Ailech. We heard you received a bouquet of black roses." There eyes were fixed on the bouquet.

Maoliosa and Faryal gave eachother a look and Maoliosa spoke up. "They're not Roses. They're Tulips, called Queen of the Night."

"Oh, can we have a look at it, please?" Another one asked.

All Maoliosa could do was nod.

They rushed in and and also clicked few pictures in their phones.

"Is this from the same gentleman from yesterday?" One of the men asked.

Maoliosa just nodded.

Why are they so curious?

Well, they are always curious about her life.

May be, age does that to one.

Thank God, Faryal came to her rescue. "Maoliosa, we both have a class. Let's leave?"

Hearing them, her colleagues left, followed by Faryal and Maoliosa leaving to their class.

She checked her phone as she came out of her class and she had a message from an unknown number.

Unknown number: 'I hope, you liked the flowers.

- Horatio Savoia'

She stopped in her tracks. Rereading the message.

She locked her phone and walked back to her cabin.

Sitting in her cabin, she took few breaths and saved the number.

Then she was debating in mind, weather she should just thank him. Or ask him about them.

In few minutes, she decided she will ask him in the evening. Personally.

Maoliosa Ailech: 'They are beautiful, thank you.'

A moment later her phone dinged again.

Horatio Savoia: 'Not, as beautiful as you, I'm sure.'

Maoliosa chuckled at the message.

Maoliosa Ailech: 'Well, that's cheezy'.

Horatio Savoia: 'I hope, you like cheezy.'

Maoliosa Ailech: 'I'm not sure about that, yet.'

Horatio Savoia: 'Tell me something you are sure about.'

Maoliosa bit her lip and took a deep breath.

Maoliosa Ailech: 'You are cheezy.'

Horatio Savoia: 'May be.'

'Can I pick you up at 19.00?'

Maoliosa Ailech: 'Yes.'

'*Location attached*'

Horatio Savoia: 'Great. See you at 19.00.'

Maoliosa Ailech: 'See ya.'

Maoliosa locked her phone and kept it on her desk as she took a deep breath.

The day went by normal. But, Faryal seemed pretty excited about her date.

As they walked side by side in the corridors, headed towards parking.

"Why is everyone so interested in him, anyway?" Maoliosa spoke her mind up.

Faryal shrugged. "Because, most of our colleagues are old and they have nothing interesting going on in their lives?"

Maoliosa shrugged too. "May be."

"Tell me everything about it." Faryal yelled before getting in to her car.

"I will." Maoliosa yelled before driving out.

She reached home and it was 5pm.

She had 2 hours untill the date.

Date. A date.

She is going on a date after over 2 years? May be.

She's a little nervous.

She took a relaxing bath and munched on some Chips watching the rest of the episodes of Stranger Things for few minutes in her bathrobe.

As the clock striked 18.20. She blow dried her hair, picked a Grey coloured dress, matching clutch and heels to go with it.

She applied a winged eyeliner on her eyelid, a coat of Crimson coloured lipstick on her lips and a little amount of highlighter on her cheekbones and nose.

She also wore a grey coloured watch, Crimson coloured studs and tied her brown hair up in a ponytail.

She gave herself a final look. And, she was satisfied with her reflection in the mirror.

She chosed grey because the colour matches her eyes.

She checked her phone, the time was 18.52.

She grabbed her phone, keys, card and dropped them in her clutch.

She was hoping he would be fine with them splitting the bill.

She wasn't sure which resturant he picked. But, she hoped she isn't over dressed.

She would be fine if she is somehow underdressed. But, she hates it when she is overdressed.

She was lounging on one of her couches and checking her emails, when her phone started running.

Horatio Savoia

The nerves she was keeping down. Came back up. She kept telling herself, it's just a date.

She answered the call. "Hey."

"Hey, I'm at your door. I think, your doorbell is not working." Horatio's voice was a little different on the call.

"Oh shit. Yeah. I have to get it repaired. Gimme a minute." She stood up with the speed light but walked to her front door slowly.

She opened the door and greeted him with an apologetic smile. "Hey, I'm sorry. I thought you would text me from your ride."

There he stood. In a navy tailored suit. The blue of his eyes looked a little darker. Must be a reflection of his suit. His black hair were neatly combed.

He was holding a bouquet of Chocolates? The Chocolates were crafted in the shape of flowers and wrapped in different dark coloured wrappers.

"That's no way to treat a lady." Horatio looked a little offended. But, smiled nonetheless as he presented the bouquet to her. "I hope you like them."

Maoliosa seemed a bit hesistant. "You already sent me flowers this morning and now these Chocolates?"

Horatio gave her a look that told her all this is normal. "I'm not good with words. I make sure my actions speak."

She was shushed with that statement and look. She took the bouquet from him. "Gimme a minute to keep them inside. She walked inside and appeared back in few moments with her clutch in her hand. And, Horatio got a look of her very well organised living room.

Horatio placed his hand at he small of her back as he guided her out. "Let's go, Professor."

Maoliosa smiled at him and they were seated in his ride.

As Horatio drove, Maoliosa looked outside the window. The silence was comfortable but a little awkward.

"You look stunning, today. I was taken aback by you, honestly." Horatio spokeup.

Maoliosa turned to look at him. And, her lips were sealed with the look in his eyes. His eyes are just too striking and deep. It's should be illegal to have such eyes. "Thank you." She smiled but voice came out a little sqeaky.

Thank God, he didn't chose a place that was far. She doesn't need to talk about New York traffic.

They stopped by a restaurant she knows. She's been here thrice may be.

And, to her horror. She definitely was overdressed.

They parked his ride and lead her to to the elevator that she's sure never works.

"Please, let me get the door for you next time." Horatio's guff voice said.

"No offence. But, I'm capable of getting the door by myself." Maoliosa's feminist side came crawling.

"I'm aware that, you can do just about anything and everything. And, not just for yourself. But, also for everyone around you. But, it would be pleasent if you allow me." There he was pinning her with his piercing gaze.

She nodded. "Okay." As she pressed the button of the elevator she knows is working.

"Lovely." He grinned at her.

She remembered an evening she came. The elevator was packed and when she asked the watchman about another elevator. He told her is never works.

She was about to tell him the elevator never works. But, to her surprise, the elevator door opened.

She walked in with him. "I thought, this elevator never works."

He smiled up at her. " It doesn't work for everyone. I mean, exclusive members only."

"Ofcourse." She nodded. This guy doesn't live in this city and still knows so much about it.

The elevator door opened on the top floor. She felt the breeze hit her skin.

He guided her out and the place was breathtaking.

A man was waiting for them at the elevator door.

"Hello, Mr. Savoia. How are you this evening?" The man smiled up at Horatio.

"Adam. It's good to see you." Horatio shook the man's hand very warmly. "This is my date, Miss Ailech."

"Hey." Maoliosa smiled at Adam and offered her hand for a shake.

"Hello, Miss Ailech. I hope, you two have a good evening here." Adam shook her hand warmly as he smiled at her.

"I hope the same." Horatio patted Adam on his shoulder.

The whole floor had a huge garden and a pool. A table was set up in the middle of it.

"Wow." She muttered.

"I was hoping you to like it." Horatio smiled at her as he guided her to the table.

They took their seats and Adam arrived with the food.

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