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She brushes her tears away as she opens her door slamming it behind her. Taking off her shoes and throwing them in frustration across her living room. She runs up the stairs and into her room. Letting her body fall in her bed as she grips the sheets that still has the lingering smell of his scent. She grips his pillow as she falls asleep crying in her bed.

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So I can Kiss You ANYTIME I want

AUTHORS NOTE: Please be advised. The story is for mature audiences only. It contains explicit scenes and detailed sexual content. If you are not 18 or older,I recommend you do not read this story, for sexual scenes are explicit. Thank you for your cooperation, stay safe, and much love.

12 year old Briana and Jake are sitting on the middle of Jake's living room couch, watching 'Sweet Home Alabama.'

Brianna has always thought Melanie as a beautiful independent girl. She hopes to one day grow up to be just like her.

Jake reaches out to her holding her hand, gripping it tightly, as the movie begins. They are at the part where Jake kisses Melanie, right before they get close to getting struck by lightning.

"You see that Brie, that's us in the future.... one day, you're gonna be my wife."

Her face becomes flushed, she can feel the heat of embarrassment creeping up on her face, her cheeks become blotchy red. She slightly looks at him, his beautiful gray orbs full of brightness and love.

"W-Why would y-you want to marry me?" She manages to quiver out her stuttering lips.

He leans forward and whispers in her ear, he holds her cheek softly with his hand. The soft breeze of his warm breath standing her hair on back of her neck.

"So I can kiss you anytime I want." He whispers, his voice penetrating her soul as she hears his husky whisper, caressing her like a soft feather.

She gulps down hard, as she sees the small mischievous smile on his face. He leans forward and kisses her cheek.


Present summer:

21 year old Jake and Brianna

Third person POV

It was August 17th today. Brianna had officially turned 21 years old a few days ago on the 14th. She had come to celebrate Jake's birthday a few weeks ago, and decided to spend the summer with the Mitchell's these last few weeks before having to leave back to USC.

Jake and Brianna had gone up to camp for the weekend, and were heading back home just now. The two best friends enjoyed spending as much time possible before they had to part ways again. He'd continue to attend MTSU here at home and she would travel to California to finish her diploma for Business Management.

He placed his truck in park, and turned off the roaring engine. She was exhausted by the drive back down. All she wanted was to get back up to his room, run the shower and take a long hot shower before going to bed.

She had almost forgotten it was her birthday a few days ago. Until he told her they would go to camp to celebrate together. She loved being outdoors, so she didn't dare to say no or complain.

She got off the truck, dragging her body indoors. Rubbing her eyes from the quick nap she had just taken. Jake was already inside the house, probably letting his mom know they were back from their camp trip.

She opened the door and became startled. The Mitchell's had come together to bake her a little birthday cake to officially welcome her to adulthood. Although for her dad, adulthood did not start until next year, on her 22nd birthday. She was his princess after all.

They celebrated with her, singing happy birthday and cutting the cake by her side. They ate dinner and gave her a few small gifts. Along with beautiful little thin necklace with a heart shaped pendant, her brother had sent for her via Jake Mitchell.

After the celebration, the two best friends decided to call it a night. His parents had already long gone left to sleep. They climbed the stairs and went to his room to rest for the night.

She opened the door and went straight to his bed. Letting her body fall on his bed, her back down, hands over her head, her feet still dangling down.

He closed the door and locked it behind him to have a bit more privacy. He gave a small chuckle seeing her propped on his bed unwilling to move from the exhaustion.

"Tired Brie?" He says as he turns away and removes his shirt.

"Very.." she responds, her eyes closed trying to relax for a few minutes. She runs one of her hands through her hair extending it past her arm up until her hand is completely stretched up resting on top of his pillow.

"So do you want to shower first? or can I go first?" He asks pointing towards the bathroom. Her eyes still closed as she keeps running her fingers through her hair. Her stomach exposed from the thin fabric of her shirt that rose up when she threw her self on the bed.

"I'll go first if you don't mind?" She said, opening her eyes and standing to her toes. She stops momentarily to admire the sculpted body of her best friend. She smiles bright, biting the side of her bottom lip.

"What? like what you see?" He taunts her, running his hand through his upper body. Her face becoming bright red as she sees his beautiful model like sculpted body.

"I do..." she responds, walking slowly to his side. She runs her fingers through his stomach, delicately tracing every muscle, and stops by his neck line. The whole time a smile in his face, slowly running his hands around her waist. Pulling her, closing the gap between the two.

"Your mom would kill me, if she ever finds I'm screwing around with you." She says, as she wraps her arms around him, locking eyes with him.

He gives a small chuckle, his eyes moving to the movement of her lips, before leaning closer claiming her lips.

He kisses her profusely, his hands tightening around her waist pulling her close. She could feel the bulge in his pants increasing, making an involuntary moan escape her mouth.

They break apart for a second to catch their breath. Both breathing heavily and erratically. He slowly trails his hand under her shirt, kissing her along her neckline as she closes her eyes tilting her head to the side. She is loving his every touch.

He moves her back, making her take steps back until she hits the side of his bed, both falling on top. His body hovering over her. He kisses her, trailing his hands over her body down to her legs and thighs. Slowly making their way closer to the midst of her legs, rubbing the inside of her thighs, his hands running over her clit through the fabric of her jeans.

She gasps to the feel of his hand. Her breathing heavy and erratic.

"Jake" she whispers

"Do I stop?" He sadly questions, hoping she gives him permission to do more.

She locks eyesight momentarily with him, wondering if she should or if she shouldn't.

"No.... don't stop." She says panting, her chest going up and down profusely as her breath becomes more erratic in her chest. Goosebumps to the touch of his hands.

He smiles giving her a warm sincere look she can't make out at the moment,

'can he really be in love with me? Or is it just lust? Either way... I have to have him... at least, for now....' She thinks

He slowly undoes her button, pulling down her zipper slowly. He admires her body at the sight before him. He slowly takes her pants off, pulling his own rapidly and throwing them on the ground.

Her body exquisitely lays before him. She pulls herself resting on her elbows.

"I am so going to hell for this..." she says to him, making him chuckle as he roams his body to hover over her, claiming her lips. Wrapping his arms around her body.

"Darling you are too beautiful for hell, you're my angel." He whispers

He continues kissing her slowly. He takes off her shirt, undoing her bra and rolling down her underwear. Her mind a storm cloud filled with mere lust. Adrenaline running through her entire body and soul.

She takes ahold of his boxers, pulling them down his legs until her hands can no longer reach. She can feel his length... glancing down to see it for herself making her more wet then she already feels between her legs at the sight...'he is beautiful' she thinks.

"God Brie, you are so damn beautiful..." he pants before he takes his shaft, pulling the skin back.

He would really love a bit of foreplay at this moment, but just seeing her there... in utter perfection before his eyes. He can't wait anymore. He touches her clit momentarily, realizing she is extremely wet, making him grunt to feel her smooth silk like skin.

He grips his manhood hard, penetrating her harshly. She feels tight and hugs him in a way so perfect he can't describe. He let's out a loud grunt, her back arching upwards towards him.

"Oh god,.... jake..."

"Yeah baby...."

" Don't stop"

"Never... " he says as he claims her lips, moving slow and lustful. 'Why rush, right?... we have all night" he thinks to himself.

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