Truly, Yours

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Always wanted to read something a little different in the romance department? Well, you have come to the right place. This love story is about a cowboy and an artist who fall in love. Watch their friendship blossom into inseparable love through beautiful poems.

Romance / Poetry
Emma Ulven
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The Beginning

Fall was the beginning of her adulthood
The beginning of what would turn into her happiness
The beginning to a new found future
Her new found freedom
For a short while
It was only her
Then, she started her second job
Everyone kept telling her about this cowboy
He was sweet, caring, hardworking
With no idea what he looked like
With no idea what kind of person he was
She knew she just had to get to know him
The way people made it sound
He was everything she could ever dream of
If only she had known
It was only the beginning of something more

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