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Based on a true story! Anarkali finds her Saleem on Sep 11 2019. She wants to create a memory of their love journey until Sep 11 2020.

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1. In the name of Allah

A clever boy named Saleem living in Uttar Pradesh, who is having naughty and rowdy activities at his life period before that tragic incident happens. At that time, that selfish society did not help him. He learned a great lesson from them. He was broken. No one helped Saleem's family. He took the responsibilities of his entire family due to that incident. Then he decided to go to a place where he could not return back to his home easily untill finding a way to make his family in a good position. Finally, he chooses Banglore located in Karnataka. After he convincing his lovely mother, after a deep conversation she agreed him to go to Banglore. He packed some clothes and his mother's blessings. He doesn't even have enough money. He took some money from his savings by doing some little jobs. And his younger brother gave some money to Saleem from his savings. Saleem refused to accept but his brother gave him with heart full of love. So he accepts his money. He was ready to leave his mother, siblings, friends, hometown and all. He started his journey in the name of Allah'...

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