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"Please" I begged, desperate for a release. "Please what?" "Let me cum" "What's your name?" "God!" I moaned, "Alex" I said breathily. I swear I felt him smirking. He got up and walked out of the room while licking his lips. The story of Alexandria--Alex--a sassy bitch who never falls short of witty comebacks finding love along her journey to graduate. Will she be able to handle her responsibilities?

Romance / Erotica
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Chapter 2

I could pretty much see the fury swirling in his grey eyes. I would be lying if I say the way his jaw was clenching didn't make me aroused. Shouldn't you run for your life? Oh yes! He is angry. But, he should be the one who's scared not me. I can kick his big round ass in a moment. Sure.

I looked up into his eyes, he was already looking at me with anger and something that looked like desire in his eyes. I was waiting for him to burst out but he just scoffed and pushed past me. I really don't know if I should be grateful or angry or sad. No, shut up!

I finally got into the roller coaster, Mr. Grey eyes was sitting right in front of me with his friends and Becca. They were sitting quite close for someone who have just met, but again, this is Becca we are talking about, she just has to wiggle her boobs and the whole male population will fall at her feet. I was jerked out of my thoughts with the screaming of a bimbo sitting right next to me.

"Oh god woman! Shut up, you are not dying." I looked at her and tried to calm her down. She continued screaming until I wanted to jump off the roller coaster. Fuck adrenaline. When the roller coaster came to a stop I got down and went to the benches in a sour mood now. My day really can't get worse. Or so I thought.

I sat there for a while until it was time to go, we all started moving towards the bus when a splash of beer came flying onto my back. I turned around to see one of Becca's cronies smiling at me apologetically yet unapologetically. What was her name? Boe?Toe?Poe?

"Listen here Hoe or whatever. I am letting you go this time, but if this happens again with me, I am gonna drag you with your hair and dip it in the toilet water. So you better watch out." I said in a calm voice, enjoying how her face paled as soon as she heard about the toilet water. I knew that would come into her nightmares. Haha. I went in the opposite direction to the washroom. While I was thinking about what to do, the door opened, I was ready to face some other bitch when I saw the guy I bumped into in the morning

"What the fuck are you doing here?" I asked him

"Calm down lioness, I just saw what happened outside, I have some of my sister's spare clothes. I think they will fit you. Wanna give it a try?" He held out some clothes to me. I could make out a tanktop and some short shorts. Oh joy.

"I appreciate it but I really don't wanna impose" I tried to get out of it. He grabbed me by my shoulder, turned me around and pushed me towards a bathroom stall.

"You will be imposing if you get in the bus smelling like a 40 year old beer." I raised my hands in mock surrender and went to the stall. I changed my clothes and came out trying to lengthen the shorts. Not that I was insecure about myself, but I hated any male attention on me. I was scrutinizing myself in the mirror when I heard a low whistle.

"Girlll, I would fuck you so bad if I weren't as gay as they come." He spoke while walking out. I scoffed and walked out of their after checking myself in the mirror for the last time.

As I walked out, I could feel eyes on me but I kept my head straight and walked forward until I was covered with a leather jacket. It smelled amazing. Strange jacket Alex. Oh yeah. I struggled to see who held me captive under the jacket, to see Grey-eyes looking directly at me with a stoneface.

"What the hell is wrong with you dude?" I asked him a little louder than I had thought I was being. He looked at me for a few seconds before saying, "You think I am gonna let you walk away looking like a piece of candy for just anyone to taste? No babygirl. You are mine now. Not get your ass in there before I carry you to the nearest janitor closet and fuck the hell out of you." He said while slapping my ass. Before I could come out of the haze and tell him off I heard they guy from earlier calling me from the bus. I should really ask for his name. I ran towards the bus with the leather jacket on and sat down in one of the seats.

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