My Queen Of Terra

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Dr. Queen

"The other victim was unconscious!" One of the onlookers announced as the "queen" and the victim's feet touched the coastline. With haste, they carried the motionless woman to safety.

Meanwhile, the "queen" was on all fours on the shore as she struggled to catch her breath.

Raigon watched her closely, though he is a few feet away.

"You fought well, your Majesty," he whispered as he gazed at her in a thoughtful manner, empathizing with her as he had undergone the same battle himself.

As if she heard him, the "queen" lifted her head and looked at him. Their eyes locked for a few seconds.

'Those eyes -' Raigon scrunched his forehead. He felt he had seen them in his early years. 'Those oceanic blue eyes…'

Unlike before, which he remembered as innocent and carefree, these were more jaded and full of misery.

'Is she the same woman? Or is he somewhat hoping she was, so he could see her again?' Raigon contemplated as he reminisced his adolescent years.

Completely ignoring him, the "queen" snapped away and assessed the patient who was still motionless.

She checked her pulse and breathing for ten seconds as a crowd of people gathered to witness what was happening. There was no response.

Shaking his head and focusing on the issue, Raigon erased the thought of being able to meet the "queen" in the past.

This was a life and death state which he has not encountered then. The medical team was always available whenever he needed them.

As she kneeled next to the comatose victim's neck and shoulders, the "queen" at full tilt placed the heel of her hand on the center of the woman's chest. She then pumped it with every bit of her strength.

"What was she doing?" Raigon muttered. That procedure was unfamiliar to him.

Or possibly because he has not seen enough rescue operations at all. The royal officials always made him stay at the Castle to fulfill his filial duties.

"The queen of this land is very knowledgeable." Raigon talked under his breath as he stared at her, trying to revive the victim.

Drops of sweat fell from her petite face, her hair disheveled and sand clothed her body. She's oblivious to everything. Reviving the casualty was her focus as she pumped the chest of the victim with great vigor without even looking at anyone or asking for help.

What happened next blew Raigon out of his mind. The "queen" placed her lips on the victim's mouth and kissed her.

Raigon couldn't believe it. The "queen" went back to pumping her chest and then kissed her again.

Dazed by what he was seeing, his knees wobbled and stepped backward. He covered his mouth with his hands as he tried to close it.

"Is this unconscious woman her lover? Is this the reason she faced the wrath of the ocean just to save her?" his shoulders dropped as he observed her actions which she repeated over and over again.

Raigon stared at the queen, then the senseless woman, and last to every spectator who was watching the rescue procedure. Everyone who saw the case cramped on them, holding their breaths to know how the event might turn out. What worried them was the unconscious victim than the queen's scandalous behavior.

Raigon was not used to seeing such overt displays of affection. In their city, husbands and wives were not even seen kissing each other in public.

He plied his arms and furrowed his brows as he concentrated hard to remember a few acupunctures that he learned while studying. "I must do my best to revive this patient instead. I could not bear to witness this malicious scene anymore!"

"Gack! Ack!" The woman vomited the water that suffocated her. After a while, the motionless victim sat up as she recovered her consciousness. The "queen" patted her back as support to her.

The crowd breathed out a sigh of relief. Raigon took a deep breath as he crisscrossed his arms behind his head.

In the end, the paramedic team engaged in and placed the woman on a stretcher. The queen called one of the paramedic officers and talked to him.

"Patient is a near-drowning female in her mid-30s. She fully regained her consciousness after immediate continuous cardiopulmonary resuscitation. Pulse is now at 85 and respiratory rate 18." Zoe rattled on.

"Please give her 100% oxygen and check her pulse oximetry and blood gas analysis to prevent hypoxemia and acidosis. My ID's not here, but I'm a legitimate doctor. Do as I say if you don't want her to die in your hands." The queen warned as she pointed her finger at him with wide eyes.

Raigon didn't know if the paramedic officer nodded in agreement because of her knowledge in medical terms. Or in fear that the queen might eat him alive if he would not execute what she said. The queen nodded back to him.

"Now I understand. She's only a doctor fulfilling her job. I'm relieved." He crossed his arms again. But this time, his lips were curved up as he gazed at her.

"You sure have a lot up in your sleeves, your Majesty. I can't wait to roll them up and see every single one of them." He whispered with a twinkle in his eye.

Before the paramedic team moved the victim to the ambulance, she grabbed the queen's hand.

"T-thank you, ma'am, for saving m-my life." She uttered in gratitude.

The queen placed both of her palms on hers and squeezed them. "Your soul is precious," she responded, giving her a reassuring smile.

Tears of joy welled up in the woman's eyes as they carried her out.

The crowd clapped their hands in admiration of the "queen" who risked her life to rescue a stranger from death. She at long last seated herself on the sand as if it was her throne with a huge smile on her face.

"How dare you -" A shriek suddenly changed the atmosphere of the heroic stage where the queen is at the center of. It came from the woman with the lifesaver.

She was not even content with words. She vexed her rage by trying to hit the tired heroine doctor on the sand floor. Quicker than her arm, which she used as a weapon, Raigon grabbed her hand and stopped her from hurting the "queen". The "queen" looked at them in bewilderment.



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