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"Sir, please." My voice trembled as I tried to control the wrecking sobs threatening to escape. My scraped knee burnt sitting on the floor on my knees, my neck ached cause of staring at the floor. I felt exhausted, I knew I shouldn't have stayed past my bedtime and on top of that I defied him.

"Stand up." His cold voice boomed in the dark room and sent shivers down my spine. Not wanting to anger him more, with every ounce of energy I had, I pulled myself off the floor and stood up. My heart was pumping so loudly even he could hear it. I was so engrossed in reading, I didn't even realize it was past 12. As soon as I turned to leave the humongous library, his footsteps told me I was in trouble. I didn't even know he was back from the city though I wish I did, I would've been a lot more careful. I knew he was gonna punish me but I hope it would hurt less than it did life time. My body shudders thinking about that gruesome memory.

Don't go there. A voice whispered in my head.

"Come here, little girl." My lips trembled at his calm tone. I took baby steps, taking as much time as I could. I stopped before him, only a few inches separating us. I took in his big frame, his tie was loosened, the sleeves rolled up to his elbows, showed his muscled forearms. He was big, and built like a bull. My short 5'2 frame standing next to him almost looked comical. I tilt my head back to stare at the blackest and coldest eyes I've ever seen. They were emotionless, like always. I searched for any warmth, any emotion that might show he was human but I found nothing but darkness staring back at me. His black eyes were almost empty, no emotions swimming there. Like he was capable of any.

I flinched as he stroke my cheek almost lovingly, but I knew better. My punishment hasn't even started, yet I wish it would be over soon. I lowered my eyes as the first drop of tear hit my cheek, I felt his rough finger lightly brush over it. I bit my lip to keep myself from crying out loud. But I couldn't hold it anymore. His arms wrapped around me as I sobbed into his shirt, afraid of the terror that was yet to come. He caressed my back as I begged for forgiveness.

"Shh, princess. I haven't even started yet." His emotionless voice stated calmly. I wiped my tears and untangled my arms that were gripping his shirt tightly.

"Stand in the corner with your front to the wall, legs spread and ass high." His commanding tone made my legs shook like a leaf but I complied, nevertheless. My legs moved on their own accord. Standing in the corner of the room with my legs far flung and but jutted out was humiliating to say the least. I flinched back at the sound of leather pulling out. I felt his powerful presence behind me. I closed my eyes as his fingers lightly brushed my inner thigh and suddenly cold air hit me as he ripped out my panties from under my oversized t-shirt.

"Put your hands above your head." I silently obliged as he pulled out my shirt from over my head. Now standing completely naked, I shivered. The need to put my arms around myself was strong, but I kept them behind my back. I felt the cold leather lightly brush my butt cheek. My insides clenched with fear as I awaited with dread.

I startled with a yelp as the first hit landed across my upper thighs. Tears streamed down my face as the skin burnt. "Count, little one." I cried out as the second blow hit my butt and my knees buckled. I supported my hands on the wall to keep myself from falling. "Count or its gonna be a lot worse." I instantly started counting hit after hit at the intensity of those words.

I didn't even know how long I stood there but it hurts. It all hurts so much. My thighs and butt burns so much. And I am so relived after it is all over. Just as I start to fall of he catches me.

"I swear, I won't do it again." I say between sobs as he easily picks me up and I instantly wrap my legs around his big torso. Even though he picked me up, the top of my head only reaches his chin. I bury my face in the crook of his neck. The familiar woody scent and expensive cologne surrounds me. His palm wraps around my butt and it hurts even more. He carries out of the enormous library that alone is twice the size of my complete house. Former house. I remind myself. I quickly squint my eyes shut at the sudden bright light of the long corridor.

Paintings that cost more than some people make in their whole life, hangs in the beige coloured wall of the luxurious hallway. He carries me to the master bedroom. I quickly move over to the other side of the bed. I just want this night to end and this pain to go away. I quickly pull the comforter over my naked, shivering body. But he quickly snatches it off me. The cold air hits me once again and I quickly wrap my hands around myself.

The bed creaks under his weight and he untangles my hand from around my waist. His minty breath brushes against my cheek. Moisture pools between my legs as he lightly grazes my nipple with his finger. I hate myself for having this kind of reaction to him. I cry out as he takes my nipple into his mouth and sucks on it. I moan loudly as he pinches my other nipple. I try pushing him away as he moves lower. He growls and spreads my legs with his hands.

"You belong to me. This sweet pussy belongs to me. Are you trying to push me away from something that's mine? " My pussy throbs at his words and any fight that I might have leave me as his finger lightly graze my swollen clit. He moves lower until his warm breath on my pussy sent a tremor through me. I can't believe, how could I want this man after all that he did to me? He twisted me up too.

"You are mine. Do you understand what that means, little one? It means I will hurt anyone who takes you away from me. You don't wanna do that. Do you?"

"No, sir." I quietly mumble. My breath coming out short. My chest heaves and my legs nearly trembles in anticipation. I told myself I had no choice that I didn't want his mouth on me, but each fevered beat of my heart told me I was a liar. My complicit mouth whispered the word that sealed my fate, "Please."

"That's my good girl. " His tongue was sudden, hot and insistent. I threw my head back as he ran his tongue from top to bottom. I gripped the sheets, twisting them in my palms as I tried to fight off the surge of arousal that shot through me.

He flicked the tip of his tongue against my clit, then licked me again. "You taste so sweet, princess. Better than anything I've ever had."

I bit my lip, forcing myself to stay silent. He tasted me, darting his tongue inside me, then up to my clit where he languidly stroked me. I panted and fought the urge to move my hips in time with his attentions.

He slid a finger inside me, and a low moan escaped me. "You're so tight. So fucking delicious." Moving his fingers along with his licks, he worked me until I broke out in a sweat and my fingers ached from gripping the blanket so tightly. I moaned so loudly as the powerful orgasm washed over me in waves and waves of pleasure. But he didn't stop, he kept licking me until my legs trembled.

He darted his tongue along my clit and worked his finger in and out in an unhurried rhythm. Pressure started building again as his finger filled me and stroked the one secret spot deep inside. He seized on my clit, his tongue lashing it in vicious strokes.

"I never want to forget the way this sweet little pussy tastes. That's it. That's what my little girl needs. Doesn't she? Give it to me. All of it." His fingers and mouth drove me to the edge of my control, then broke it. My second release shattered, and I became slave to his mouth. He kept eating me until I begged him to stop.

"Please, not anymore. It's too much. Too sensitive." I begged as he grazed me with his teeth and bit down, my back arched off the bed. I slumped down with a sigh as he finally moves beside me. I take a deep breath as a close my leg and he puts the comforter over us. I feel his arms wrap around me. The last words that I hear before drifting off should've sent me running but I'm so tired I don't even care.

"Sleep, princess. Something awaits you in the morning." I don't even have the energy to understand what he means let alone figure it out. As soon as I close my eyes, I drift off to a dreamless sleep.

Who would've known tomorrow would be the worst and most terrifying day of my life.

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