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Chapter 1

Important side note!
Lilly Viljoen does not have any family they passed away when she was younger.

I have to start a new life. I have to get

myself together for my two beautiful daughters I can’t keep thinking about him.

How we met how he loved me. And in the end how he left me for my ex-best friend

I know you are thinking about what are you talking about well let me give you all your answers. I met my husband when I was 16 years old he was so sexy from the start of those striking blue eyes that captured my heart, his easy-going personality and I thought I would always be in those strong arms of the man I love Steven Smith. The man that made my teenage heart flutter and almost fly away. We dated for three years before we got engaged it was so romantic. He took me to the Kruger National park at first I thought it was just a regular trip away for the weekend but was so surprised when we got there we went on a Safari game drive to see the big 5 we took a lot of pictures it was magical to see them up close and not in cages free to roam the landscape as they pleased. After the day driving around the park we went to the restaurant to eat as we go there we were shown to a private space outside.

It was so beautiful the bush field and the lions roaring as the background music the sun setting and warming us up as the cool night air set in. We ate a wonderful meal and he ordered us a bottle of champagne as we were laughing and just enjoy ourselves I excused myself to go to the restroom when I came back he was on one knee in the middle of a rose petal heart. We got married soon we found out that I was pregnant with our first daughter Ava I was so happy not long after Ava turned 2 we had Olivia a proud family of four I believed it was forever. Until my world was shatter.

Steven was appointed as the bank branch manager at a local bank. He started working late at first I thought nothing of it until he kept coming home smelling of cheap perfume when I confirmed he was cheating I didn’t plead with him to stop I knew it was over so I took my kids packing everything we could carry and fit in my small car and left.

I saved up some money and got myself a part-time job as a waitress and at night I studied to better myself. At first, I felt sorry for myself especially when we had to rent a small one-bedroom apartment. I known what you are wondering about Steven well when we got a divorce he did not want the kids not that i would have left them with him. You see he got his little slut pregnant and did not want anything with the kids

So I will keep working part-time jobs and studying to get a better life!

3 YEARS LATER...........

It was 6 in the morning when I heard little footsteps on the hardwood floors of our new apartment pretending to still be asleep I felt the bed dip and two peaks of kisses on my face and a lot of giggles that followed. Ava kept calling to me to wake up

{this part will be in Afrikaans} Mamma word wakker, kan ons vissie kyk sussa en ek wil vissie kyk asseblief mamma! (mommy wake up we want to watch the fissy please mommy me and Olivia wants to watch it, please! How could you say no when I turned over in bed so I could look at my beautiful babies they were looking at me with the biggest puppy eyes so they knew they won. Shying I got out of bed and went to put on their favorite movie and some cereal Ava at her kiddies table and chair and Olivia in her high chair. Making sure that the kids were settled I went to the bathroom to do my morning routine and getting ready for work. I got work at a big company in Pretoria working as an executive assistant the pay was good so I could provide for my family. As I drying my hair I decided to keep it simple and do it up in a classy bun and added some light makeup just to look presentable for work. Since my divorce, I lost all my friends that were like family to me but it didn’t bother me as long as I had my kids that would be enough for me. when I was done I went to my closet and got my work attire with was black pants a white t-shirt and blue blazer with my favorite ankle boots and some bling!

Every woman loves bling and no I’m not dressing up for someone I’m done with men don’t need them or want them in my life. After dressing myself I dressed up my kids for daycare witch was a mission with the girls running around and hiding while giggling the whole time but this is nothing new. After winning the war I strap them into their car seats and head of into the thing I hate the most about living in a big city. Traffic, where no one obeyed the rules of the, rode a typical Monday when no one wants to go to work.

Ava: mamma gan jy weer laat werk vandag?

{mommy are you going to work late again?

As I looked at my kids through the rearview mirror feeling a pang in my chest because I know they miss spending time with me and I am the only parent they have. Giving them the best smile I could muster up I look back at them. You know I was thinking of taking the whole weekend off so we could go to the zoo I know it won’t make up for all the time I work late but we could get some ice-cream and pack a yummy picnic basket and go visit the lions with that Ava was smiling like she just won the lotto but I could see Olivia still needing some convincing and looked at her, Olivia do you want to see some giraffes with that her whole face light up she was giggling and struggling to say giraffe she loved them. As i dropped them off at daycare and arrived at work i check that i had everything in my purse and my appearance in the mirror I got out closings my car door and looking up at the building in front of me getting ready for a new day at the office. It was a small company to others but to me, it was a big company most of the people working there weren’t all friendly and that’s not even mentioning my boss but I had to suck it up for the pay. As they say, suck it up and be happy.

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I hope you all enjoyed my first chapter I am a bit nervous about it as this is my first time writing a book ❤️

😉Thank you for taking the time to read this book..

Ps. You’re AWESOME and Never forget it. 🥂

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