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Chapter 2

As I step into the building I get glances from all around me do you remember I said my boss is an ass well tody you will see why, as I make my way up the steps to my desk I see my boss Mr tom Miller is already at his desk I put away my bag I hear the intercom beeping pressing the button I hear Mr.Miller calling me into his office

shying and mentally preparing myself I go to his office door knokking.Mr.Millir you called for me, Turning in his big black office chair I feel disgust running through my veins as he sets his greasy eyes on me. Yes miss Viljoen I want you to clear my schedule for the morning I have an important skype meeting so I want No interruptions is that clear. Trying to muster up my best smile I just nod and give a curt response, will do Mr.Millir but what about the people coming from the USA company to discuss our trading? Mr.Millir slams his hand down on the desk making me jump a bit feeling startled I just apologize and excuse myself from his office.

feeling down I give myself a quick pep talk to keep going, you can do this it’s for the kids smiling I look at the foto of Ava and Olivia on my desk in a frame they made for me Mothersday.

Having motivated myself I get started canceling Mr.Millers appointments and working on some reports on my desk .wile I’m busy working through the mountain of paperwork I hear someone clearing their throat I look up to see a handsome man with the most beautiful hazel eyes and a clean-cut plain black suit at his neck I can see a tattoo sticking out while trying to see what tattoos it could be he speaks up startling me out of my thoughts. feeling a blush creeping up on my cheeks I try to be professional and not show that his presence is affecting me, Hallo I am Miss Viljoen Mr.Millers assistant welcome to X company what can I assist you with are you here for an appointment whit Mr.Miller? looking at his diary I see I have already canceled all of the appointments for today, looking up at him I can see him just looking at me not saying anything, starting to get irritated by this I stare back at him without breaking eye contact I can see him smirking and finally deciding to grace me with a response, my name is David Jones here to see Tom.

David Jones


Ceo/surprise ;)

New york

I quickly reply, I am sorry Mr.Jones but Mr. Millir won’t be seeing anyone at the moment as he is in a meeting.Mr.Jones leans on my desk looking me straight in the eyes, well miss Viljoen was it? call Tom to tell him David is here I’m sure he will see me he doesn’t have much of a choice in the matter and if you are smart you would do it quickly I’m not a very patient man and I don’t like waiting.

feeling a chill running down my spine from his glare I immediately pick up my fone on my desk and call Mr.Millir to inform him as he answers the fone I could hear he was in a bad mood for the interruption, Mr.Millir there is a Mr.Jones to see you .i could not even finish my sentence when Mr.Miller started coughed on the other end of the line, Yes send him in immediately don’t waste any time and prepper something to drink for me and Mr.Jones while you’re at it and be snappy about it, Right away sir. Looking up at The man named David Jones I could sense power radiating of him smiling and getting up from my chair I walk to Mr.Jones.Sorry for the wait Mr.Jones please follow me, please as I walk down the corridor to the office door I knock and inform Mr.Millir of our arrival, only to hear my boss being an ass again, VILJOEN just open the damn door stop waisting Mr.Jones time.

Counting to a million in my head not to give him the finger and tell him what a useless piece of shit he is I just clench my teeth and smile opening the door I’m sorry for wasting time Mr.Miller .while turning around and whispering under my breath Dom Fokker {dum fuckker} only to see Mr.Jones trying not to laugh feeling my cheeks go red of the possibility of him hearing mei make my way out of the office to go and get them something to drink .when I get to the lunchroom I open the special mini-fridge whit all the bosses drinks and grab two sodas and two bottles of water put it on a try and take it back to Mr.Millirs office as I get to the door I can hear some of what they are discussing standing still I listen in on what they were sying because I mean who doesn’t do it you can pretend that you don’t but in the end curiosity always wins.

Tom don’t fuck with me where are my goods you promised, you know I wonder how long it would take to close such a small company i don’t think I would take mare than one fone call and you lose everything you could ever believe was yours. It will all belong to me!Mr. Jones, I will get you the money, you will have it before the end of the month I just need more time to get the money for you. I could hear Mr.Miller being scared his voice shaking as he spoke, Tom tom Aaah Tommy boy do you really think I an here to negotiate with you that I David Jones would come all the way from New York just to collect some money you ow me hahaha you are a funny guy never knew you could still be making jokes like that hearing something shatter and Mr.Miller moaning in pain my breath catches in my throat now I’m starting to get scared but I keep quiet to hear more (in my head I’m debating with myself if I should leave or stay but something is screaming at me to leaf this is dangerous and I should not get mixed up in it.)just as I turn to leave I hear Mr.Millir speaking, Jones you might rule New york but this is not your territory you stepped into my turf next thing I know I hear David give the most sinister and cold chuckle that I’m pretty sure will haunt my dreams everywere i go is my territory and you screwed me over Tom you have one hour to return what you have stolen from me or you wont see tommorow and dont worry i alwys keep my word.

just then the door opens to reveal Mr.Jonesi sees him looking at me up and down and walks out of Toms’s office standing there still with the try in my hands I feel like I had just done something really stupid I hope it doesn’t come back to bite me in the ass later.

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