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Chapter 3

Davids P.O.V

I was woken from my peaceful slumber with the annoying sound of an alarm stretching my arm out I grabbed the contraption created by the devil himself and shut is off, finally silence. Turning over I laid on my back on my big king size bed with soft black silk sheets thinking about my plan of taking out a dum fuck who thought just because he’s far away I would just turn a blind eye to him robbing me of my merchandise and selling it off as his own. A sinister smirk covering my face just thinking of all the things I could do to him.

getting up from my bed I make my way to my bathroom in my bedroom to go brush my teeth and shower, getting in the shower I think of how all this began how my life turned out this way, how I got involved in this fucked up world.

it all started when I was a teenager having to steal just so I could have food to eat to live day to day, somedays I went a week without food but I survived in this dark world we do what we must to survive, one day I stole money from the wrong guy who I later discover was a mafia boss. He beat the shit out of me I thought I was a goner for sure when he captured me but me in a basement and kept beating me till I was at the brink of death but I never bitched as he was beating me, figuring I was gonna die either way it out on the streets or hear in these sells so what did I have to plead for nothing and no one so I accepted my fate.

But he saw something in me, the potential he took me under his wing teaching me the ropes of the mafia and how to kill without batting an eye how to never let anyone fuck with me and to have no weakness for weakness means death in this line of work. But that did not faze me I had no need for love, family, or any of that mushy’s me myself and I, always and forever. I quickly climbed up in the ranks in the mafia world I was known to be ruthless without mercy. but still, with my cold heart, I still had one rule Never kill the innocent.

after my shower, I went to my wardrobe and changed into my custom matt black suit with all black accessories and my custom made matt black Rolex watch.

if you haven’t noticed I love the color black to me it represents my heart black and no color. Stepping out of my room I made my way down the stairs to my big living room with a dark atmosphere all my furniture in my home is dark and big just the way I like it, entering the kitchen I see my maids scurrying away they know I don’t like them in the same room as me I won’t like them looking at me while I’m trying to enjoy my breakfast. My butler comes into the kitchen to greet me. Good morning Mr.Jones the care is ready outside to take you to the airport. Good Gilbert is Alex also ready well be leaving now tell him his ass better be on time this time or I’m leaving without his dumb ass, just thinking about how Alex has always been a laid back kind of a guy and never been good with keeping to appointments. If he wasn’t my friend I would have killed him a long time ago.

leaving my plate on the kitchen counter I make my way to the front door to see my men standing at the door opening it for me as I approach and bowing, barley acknowledging them I make my way to the black car parked in the driveway, getting into the back my driver greets me and I tell him to just drive to the airport to my private hanger.when we get there I see Alex standing by the Privat jet waiting for me, Raising an eyebrow upon seeing this he just smiles at me. Hey, David how strange me being here before you for once, keeping my face emotionless and keep walking and ask so who spoiled my fun by telling you all I was going to do to you if you were late again. The dumb Fuck just laughs and says that Gilbert called him to tell him all the pleasantries I was planning for him if he was late again.

getting on board and taking off he sits on his chair across from me while flirting with the stewardess serving us.looking up from my laptop where I was busy doing work for the company. I may be a Mafia boss but I also have a multibillion-dollar compone that is all legal. this company is my smokescreen to hide my Mafia business from the feds. Alex what can you tell me about this Tom Miller what weakness does he have that we can exploit, taking a sip of his whiskey on the rocks he speaks up. He’s a total scum bag this guy has 6 kids all with different women he uses them then leaves them to fend for themselves when he is bord with them, but he feels nothing for his kids or woman but he loves himself his looks and money and most of all his reputation even thou his company is not as big as ours he is still classified as a big shot in Pretoria so he loves running with the big dogs in South Africa and being feared even thou he is nothing compared to us.

Smirking I sit and think of how I am going to handle this

well, I had lots of time to think of what I was going to be doing, 20 long hours and 51 minutes later we land in Pretoria South Africa, but it felt more like a year with Alex on the same plane that man doesn’t know how to shut up if I didn’t threaten to shoot his d*ck of he would have just kept talking. Making our way to our hotel we plan on going to see Tom the next day I need to get in my room and bolt that dam door shut before Alex tries to tour the whole country’s clubs tonight I need a break from him before I really shoot him.

Going up to the penthouse I go and shower and settle down on the bed finishing of my work for the day so I could get some well-deserved sleep, shutting off my laptop and getting ready for bed I hear a knock at my door shying I get up and open the door to see Alex all dressed up to go out, hoping this man doesn’t say what I think he’s going to say he does what I expected.

David, what are you doing? let go out see some sexy ladies why would you sleep with so many unexplored potentials outside just waiting to please us. Slamming my door in his face he gets the message and says fine be an old man I’m going out and going to enjoy my first night in the beautiful S.A.

After I make sure he’s gone I get in bed again switching of the lights .i smirk to myself thinking tomorrow’s going to be fun seeing the ants squirm under my feet. and with that thought, I drift off to sleep.

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