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Chapter 4.


the story is in Davids’s point of view after he left the company where Lilly works ;)(Chapter 2).

after exiting the building I see Alex waiting for me at the car while chatting up beautiful ladies as they walk past him, Alex stop flirting with every woman you see and get your ass in the car we have business to complete.

entering the black S.U.V. my driver turns to me. Boss where to? Just take us back to the hotel we are having a meeting NOW.opening my window I see Alex still flirting I swear that man is a curse to all woman, Alex if you don’t get your ass in here now I’m castrating you. He quickly runs around and finally decides to get in the car, So David what happened in there?

Just the usual he thought I wouldn’t notice and when he realized I knew everything he started to panic and try to threaten me it was almost cute how he thought he could win this and just to fuck with him I gave some time to try and come up with the money, he has until 5 pm to get the money but I know he won’t be able to get the money no one wants to land him any money since they heard he Fuced with me, then I remember the secretary overheard us talking just thinking about that beautiful woman makes me excited, that golden hair, eyes blue like a vast ocean sucking you in without mercy and those lips fuck don’t get me started on those lips or body. Merely thinking about it makes me hard fuck I have to see that woman again, thinking of an excuse to see her I tell Alex to do a background check on her, O and Alex I want that information in 1 hour or you can kiss your ass goodbye.

swallowing hard Alex could see David was not fucking around today and decided to start researching her immediately, Boss I found some info on her, her full name is Lily Viljoen 25 years old, Divorced 3 years ago and since then has had no contact with her ex-husband, Steven Smith, he left her for another woman, they have two kids together. The two girls’ names are Ava Smith 6years old and Olivia Smith 4 years old. After they split he made it clear that he wants nothing to do with the kids and signed off his rights to the kids.

Lilly worked 2 jobs to make due and even studying at night to get her a better job. Wow, this is one tough lady Boss, Shut up Alex and continue. Laughing he puts his hand up in a surrender motion and continues with he info, She has been single since the divorce and spends all her time with her kids and job.

When I heard she has been single the entire time brought a smile to my face, if she had a lover I would have forcefully removed him from the picture, looking at the pictures of her and her children made me think of a future where we should be a family. I would love her kids as if they were my own.

Now more than ever I have a recent close down that Tom Millers company, ALEX close down Toms company and send an invite to our company in new york for Lilly to work and include the following perks to her package. Yes, David, I will do it now. As Alex was doing what David had instructed of him he wondered why David wanted this woman so badly he never cared to do so much work just to be able to get a woman. Although he had to admit to himself that she was a very beautiful woman she was nothing like the woman he’s used to seeing back home caked up on makeup and most of them are plastic so you hade to keep them away from fires so they don’t melt. She was pure and so natural , okay Mabey I could see how she could catch his attention.

After getting back to the hotel we call a meeting and discuss how to close down Toms company. David sits at the head of the meeting table, So let’s hear your ideas on how to close that bastards company now! all I heard at first was silence then one of my people finally spoke up sir what if we plant guns and drugs at his company and home and give an anonymous tip to the cops and see all his work burn down in flames. looking at this guy, And what’s your name? My name is Jaco sir. he looks nervous as he answers me I stand up in my chair and look at all my men around the table there were 20 people in the meeting room, all looking as if they would faint at any moment. Jaco your in charge of this task then make sure no one can trace anything back to us, Or chuckling in a sinister way I look him in the eyes and say you will regret it but if you succeed you will be rewarded. Dismissed.

After everyone leaves the meeting I look at Alex and tell him to keep me informed on the matter and go to my hotel room for some rest. 2 hours later After a shower, I enter my room with a towel around my middle, sitting on the edge of my bed I get a call from Alex. Hey boss man turn on the tv in your room there is a surprise for you, Alex if this is another porno you want me to watch you will be blind when I’m done with you. Laughing nothing like that I promise you. Turning on the tv I see a news special.

\On tonight’s news bulletin /

Tom Miller the CEO of a big company was arrested today with the charges of smuggling drugs and firearms all assents of the company will be frozen and closed down by the government. The cops have been trying to catch Mr. Miller in the act for a while and after receiving an anonymous tip of the police finally had al the evidence to arrest and press charges against Mr.Miller

in other news, I turn off the television grinning now all that’s left is to get Lilly to go with me to New York and this trip will be a success. Lilly your mine, you just have to realize it yourself smiling I look down at the photo of her with her kids.

You will be Mine!

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