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chapter 5.

Lillys POV.

That night after my encounter with the very handsome but somewhat cold CEO Mr.David Jones me and the kids were sitting on the couch watching some television, the kids were telling me about their day at school and all they had done. I was so tired but sat there listening to every word they were saying.

Ava told me about her, one friend, at school that was so nervous about giving her speech in class that she started having the hiccups, while Oliva told me about he new poem see learned in class and was feeling so proud because all the other kids struggled to say the poem but she got it right in her first try. We were chatting away the evening when something on Tv caught my attention “Tom Miller the CEO of a big company was arrested today on charges of smuggling drugs and guns, effective immediately all his assets were seized and all accounts froze his company that is located in Pretoria was also shut down as there were drugs and guns located on the premises in other news...”

OH NO, oh shit that was my first thought wat am I going to do now how will I pay the bills, FUCK,

The kids saw me looking panicked and asked{ mamma is alles oky het ons iets verkeerd gedoen?}(mommy is something wrong, did we do something wrong?)Looking at Ava and Olivia I faked a smile I don’t want them to know wats going on, they are already so mature for there age because they had to go through so much at such a young age I don’t want them to worry so I laugh and tell them No my little angels nothings wrong mommys just getting tired that’s all, O would you look at the clock its already 10 o clock you should have been in bed ages ago I looked at Olivia rubbing her eyes I pick them up to put them in there jammies an in bed as I kiss them goodnight they both call out to me as I was about to leave the room {mamma ons weet iets is fout ma ons will net he mamma moet weet ons is baaaaaie life vr mamma en dat ons dink mamma is die beste mamma ooit}(mommy we can see something is wrong but we just wanted to let you know that we love you a lot and to us, you are the best mommy ever)smiling I bend down and kiss them both again thank you, my little angels, get some sleep and we can do something fun tomorrow how does that sound? They bot give me a big smile and say that sounds fun mommy good night.

As I leave their room I can feel the tears spring to my eyes and the need to sob uncontrollably I quickly I enter my room and sit on the end of my beg grabbing my phone to read more of what the fucks going on, after about an hour of reading news report after news report I check my emails and see I have an email from the company that informed us that the company is hut down and we will receive the months pay but no severance pay. Fuck my life I need to find a new job and soon, I don’t have time to wallow in my sorrow right now I need money to look after my kids and their needs. Trying to think positively about my situation I think to myself many this is just a new opportunity for me and the kids, I did hate that job and Mr.Miller I won’t miss that nasty excuse for a human being.

As I fall back on my bed and think about how much work it took me to get where I am now in my life this should be nothing I can do anything if it was for my kids they are my world, my only family. And nothing is going to stop me from giving them what they deserve in life.

The next morning I wake up feeling motivated I know I am a hopeless optimist but what else can I do being negative all the time won’t solve anything either. so I make a mental note to myself :

1. keep positive.

2.enjoy my extra time with the kids.

3.look for a new job.

While in the kitchen making breakfast for us to eat I hear their little feet running through the apartment to the kitchen. Morning mommy did you sleep well? they ask together, Yes thank you and how did my little angels sleep?

We slept well thank you mommy but is that eggs and bacon I smell mommy? laughing at Avas reply I just giggled and tell her she has a good nose on her. I swear this child was a hound dog in her previous life she can always smell food on me yet she is a skinny little thing I wonder where all that food goes? Olivia is just sitting at the table still have asleep shes, not a morning person she has to restart before she can make a conversation.

after breakfast, I do the dishes and tidy up, turning around I look at the girls and ask them so what do you two fabulous girls want to do today? they both look at me like I have gone mad, {mamma mort jy nie gan werk nie? ds nogi naweek nie dis nou eers woensdag as ek nie verkeerd is nie.}(mommy don’t you have work today? if I’m not wrong its only Wednesday today) Olivia turns towards me with a confused face mommy are you playing sick to skip work, she asks with a very serious face almost like me when I scold them for playing sick to stay home, Trying my best not to laugh I look at her and say, no darling mommy is not skipping out on work in fact I have something to tell you guys. I will be staying home for a while to spend, more time with you angels and mommy also has to find a new job but we know it will work out for the best

They both looked excited but also nervous, mommy did that mean uncle fire you?. No sweety he didn’t fire me you know I didn’t like that mean uncle, but his company closed down so mommy will find a new and even better job who knows what can happen. I smile and look down at them they don’t look fully convinced like I said my kids are sharp but if I keep playing it off I know they will relax. after some time Olivia comes up to me and motions for me to bend down so she can whisper something to me. bending down she firsts hugs me and then asks if we could go to the library. Sure honey go tell Ava to get ready to go out then we can leave to go visit the library I smile and tell my youngest. I worry about her sometimes tat people will pick om her because she is so smart for a four-year-old and because she is so quiet.

after about 20 minutes we set off to the library while the kids were in the kid’s corner reading I used the computer in the library to set off on my 3rd to-do list item for the day, finding a job.

###fun fact just if you were interested ” Ek is life vir jou” means I love you in Afrikaans ###

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