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He is the King of the werewolves; a Lycan. She is the daughter of the Alpha of the Silver Moon Pack. He is known for his ruthlessness and coldness. She is known for her kindness and strength. They say polar opposites attract, or do they?

Romance / Fantasy
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Chapter 1

(May find some grammar issues and due to English being my second language. Also this is my second book along with “The Journey Back”)

I hope everything won’t be confusing! (Free to any suggestions)


Chapter 1: The “Beginning”

He is the King of the werewolves; a Lycan. She is the daughter of the Alpha of the Silver Moon Pack. He is known for his ruthlessness and coldness. She is known for her kindness and strength. They say polar opposites attract, or do they?


I am the daughter of the second most powerful pack in the world, the Silver Moon Pack.

In my family there is me, my sister, and my parents. My dad is Alpha Mason and my mom was also an Alpha’s daughter. Even though I turned 16 last year I still haven’t found my mate.

When I was little my mother would tell me and my sister stories of how her and my father met 18 years ago. She said that the mate bond was a very powerful bond and that when I met my mate I would know right away. When she and dad met they would get tingles every time they touched and that they were inseparable. I have dreamed of finding my own mate since that day on.

When me and Andrew met; my father’s Beats son, I thought for sure that he was my soulmate and that we were destined to be.

However, the day he turned 16 we found out that I wasn’t his mate.

It tore me to pieces knowing that the person I loved wasn’t meant for me but for another.

Last year when I turned 16 school started again and that’s when everything went downhill.

It turns out that Andrew found his mate the first day of school and she had just joined the pack that year. Her name was Raven and I had to admit the name suited her very well. She had dark raven hair with hazel eyes. I am not resentful towards the new pair because it wasn’t their choice that the Moon Goddess paired them up.

My best friend Heather knew about our past and how awkward I am around Andrew now. “You know maybe it’s a good thing that he isn’t your mate. I’m sure the Moon Goddess knows what she’s doing,” Heather says while winking at me. At that moment I thought maybe she was right and before I knew it another year went by of me being mate less. However, I didn’t know that this would soon be changed.

Me and my family were notified that the Lycan king is having a ball held at the palace. To be honest I didn’t really want to go due to the rumors I heard about our King Xavier. It is rumored that he has killed many without mercy and he has ruled for 10 years without his mate. Even though Lycans look younger than they really are compared to regular werewolves many still expected a Queen by his side.

This will be our families first time attending one of the balls held at the palace with the king and my dad is the most nervous for some reason. So I began to get ready for the ball around 5 and the ball began at 7.

My mom is of Asian descent and my dad is of European descent, therefore I had my moms straight black hair with dark blue eyes from my dad. I had curled my hair and put on natural makeup along with my crystal earnings. My mom had me wear an off shoulder wine red dress and velvet black heels. It was cute and I absolutely loved my moms fashion sense! “Now don’t we look smoking hot!” My wolf Lina said while grinning in the back of my mind. With me laughing at Lina and her comment, “Yes we do.” “Make sure you don’t forget your purse!,” yelled my mom. Yelling back, “OK, I got it!” My sister; Jade was still putting on makeup when I walked in to get her so I told her to hurry and ran downstairs to find my dad. Knowing him he is probably still anxious about the ball. I found him in his study in a suit looking over some documents.

I said, “Dad we are going to be late!” He replied with, “Are y’all ready?” Then Jade and mom walked in to find us then we all left for the ball in Italy.

When we got out of the limo all we saw were dazzling lights surrounded by snow, it was truly a beautiful sight. We made our way to the main hall to be announced and I saw Heather running up behind me about to tackle me so I dodged smoothly and made her run into the wall. Me being the good friend I am, laughing while pulling her from off the ground. What can I say I am two Alphas daughter; it’s in my blood to know how to fight and defend myself.

Finally, we entered the ball room and it was tremendous compared to the outside. Me and Heather were talking but suddenly everyone became quiet. This caused me to turn around toward the door looking to see what had happened.

I realized that something was different, I could smell pines, wood, and caramel. “Mate! Mate!” Lina was jumping around like crazy when she sensed her mate. When my wandering eyes found where that source of smell came from it landed on the most handsome guy I have ever laid my eyes on. He had frosty blue eyes with dark brown hair along with a dominating aurora. Also with a tall nose and strong jaw. I could tell that he was my mate and the king. However, I couldn’t help but notice the blond girl beside him with a very tight fitted dress on.

This made my blood boil and made it very hard to not go over there and kill that bitch! I could tell he was looking for something too and when his eyes met mine and immediately dropped the woman’s hand to walk over to me. This made me so happy but also fearful that he might reject me. To my surprise he came through the parted crowd and stood right in front of me.

His eyes showed love and longing towards me and it all felt like a dream until he broke the silence.

He said,“May I know the name of my future queen?” I replied while still in shock, “St- Stella, my name is Stella Rose.” He grinned and said, “A befitting name for my queen.” I am so happy that I almost cried in front of everyone.

He smiles and takes me to the top of the staircase with the crowd watching us. “I have met my beautiful mate tonight and your future queen,” Xavier stated warmly. I spotted my parents and saw them wiping tears away while smiling at each other. While my best friend is busy clapping for us, Xavier said,“I finally found you my love.”

We were hugging before we knew it and with the crowd cheering loudly for us. The hug felt like sparks, amazingly pleasant, and very relaxing. His arms felt like a secure shelter until I felt a pair of claws ripping me away from my mate. “What the hell made you think that you could put your hand on your Queen, Cassandra,” my mate said while throwing her off of me. He put a protective arm around me while resting his head on the crook of my neck to calm himself down.

“I was supposed to be queen!” Cassandra began yelling, but it only made Xavier more angry.

I tried to rub my hand on his back in circles to calm him down just like what mom did with dad. It worked enough for him to order the guards to throw Cassandra out and I felt relief as he chose me.

Me and Xavier went to greet my parents after the announcement was finished.

Heather came rushing out to us but she ran into someone along the way. The guy caught her with ease and his action made her blush while she muttered sorry. Me realizing that he was Heather’s mate I ran to them to congratulate them.

The guy came over and reported, “Your majesty I have come back to report that the car for the queen has been prepared. Congratulations on finally finding our queen.” Xavier replied with,“Good, I see you found your mate as well Daniel.” Xavier says that Daniel is the royal beta of the pack and I trust that Daniel would take care of Heather.

“You never told me that you found your mate!” I said while pretending to pout. Heather replied with, “Well you never told me that you were going to be a queen.” We were bursting out laughing while our mates were smiling at us.

My parents are right behind Heather while looking so enthusiastic. My Dad came up to us and said,“Your majesty please take care of our daughter and we congratulate both of you, wishing you happiness.” I was happy to get their approval with Xavier squeezing my hand. “May I have this dance my beautiful queen?”

“Of course!”

We were dancing in perfect sync until the power shut off.

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