Kings Mate

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Chapter 10! SORRY

Begin of corination:

I was in the back waiting for Xavier when we finally heard the crowds of people arriving for the coronation. I was getting very nervous and I think Xavier felt that I was uncomfortable because he rushed over, “So sorry I had to finish some documents on how things were going.” He finished and gave me a kiss on the forehead. When he finally realized my new look for the coronation I think I saw his jaw drop a little but then recovered and began to blush. “You look angelic mio congilio.” I just smiled at him satisfied with his little apology and reaction.

It was about time that they announced Xavier and me, I felt nervous still but with Xavier by my side I felt more relaxed than ever. “They will love you Stella. As their Queen, ruler, and mother,” Xavier said while giving my hand a light squeeze. “I believe you Xavier and I want to rule by you and build our family together,” I responded.

“Everyone please welcome King Xavier Romulas and Queen Stella Romulas!” With that Xavier led the way to the grand ballroom above the stairs with me standing right beside him. “We will now begin the coronation for the Queen.” Xavier led me to the grand staircase and we went through the Coronation in a breeze and Xavier had gifted me my crown that matched with his; both having a moonstone as the centerpiece. Then came the Wedding ceremony which required me going to the back to change into the veil and wedding headpiece along with a new set of makeup. Once we were finished we headed back out of the curtains behind the doors that lead to the miniature stage the pack built for us. “You ready to mingle after this,” Lina asked boldly. “Oh my goddess Lina would you stop reminding me of your horny self!” Lina had been reminding me of this ever since we met Xavier and of course I wanted to mate with him too but it’s pretty hard not to get nervous for my first time. “Oh please not like you’re not looking forward to it too you know,” she mumbled at me.

Now it’s time to enter as the door opens and with my dad leading me; violin and piano making a very elegant string of music welcoming us. Xavier stood there with a smile on his face and before I got out the trance my dad was handing me over to Xavier with tears in his eyes. “Take care of her Xavier. Charish out little star and… we want grandpups soon too!” “Dad! REALLY?!” I can’t believe my dad said that. “Of course I will definitely keep that in mind tonight,” Xavier agreed with a smirk while giving me a wink. So the wedding carried on and soon we were greeting guests and family members. And of course going through one coronation plus wedding and guest took the energy out of me tonight; by the time I was done it was eleven at night.

Xavier was by my side all night and made sure that I was comfortable so that the people don’t rub my fur in the wrong direction. “Hey, Xavier when are we going home? Oh wait… it’s not that i’m eager but um… I was just tired…” “Woah there! To answer your question we are going home now that you asked about it.” While leaning down to my level he whispered, “And we have some unfinished business to do don’t we mio congilio.” And at that moment I felt like a bunny being hunted down rather than the wolf. With a blush I buried my head into his chest so he couldn’t see my face; I heard him chuckle and picked me up to carry me to the limo to go back to our house.

When I woke up I was still in Xaviers arms but he was walking me to the bedroom instead with me still half asleep. “You woke up just in time Mio Congilio. Let’s get you a nice bath first.” I nodded my head in response but when he got into the bathroom with me I was still not too awake. Rubbing my head, “I think the alcohol finally decided to kick in.” “Xavier what are you doing? Why are you still in here!” “Of course i’m bathing with you, we are mates and we are married.” I was still processing this information when he started to undress then he came over to me to do the same. “Wait I can do it myself!” Xavier then put up his hands and headed into the gigantic tub. While I was undressing I felt Xaviers gaze on my back while I slowly went into the tub and tried not to look at Xavier or turn around. Then when I sat down I hit something hard so I grabbed it and then I heard Xavier groan behind me. When I came to my senses and pulled back Xaviers arms went around my waist holding me in place. “Don’t move anymore. I am still holding onto control but if you keep wiggling your hips I might just eat you up here,” Xavier growled into my left ear while nibbling it. I froze and then involuntarily let out a soft moan due to the sudden warmth to my ears. As if on command the rod under my butt got even bigger; how is that even possible. Then I felt Xaviers hand roam around and traced under my breast and cupped the other giving it a squeeze. I shuddered, whimpering at his touch, I could feel my core heating up and hoping the water hid my arousal from Xavier. “You’re so soft, Mio congilio. I just want to be buried deep inside you. However, I won’t do anything till you ask me too.”

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