Kings Mate

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Chapter 11

Once Xavier and I properly; kinda finished showering I went out first. “So? Are you ready to finish mating? I mean we haven’t even marked each other yet.” Lina on the other hand was very annoying with her never ending questions. Then I heard a noise in front of the bed. Xavier walked out and I can swear that I will never get tired of his body. The perfect 8 pack and broad shoulders, long legs; everything any girl would drool over.

“Like what you see?” Xaviers voice interrupted my thoughts and made me snap out of my little daze, while frantically making sure I wasn’t drooling. His eyes then shifted to my face and scanned down my towel covered body. “Damn,” Xaviers eyes darkened from an ice blue to a dark sapphire showing his wolf and was now moving closer to my body which only made me back up even more.

“Ummm… Xavier?” But then his lips went to my neck, laying kisses from my neck to my face and finally my lips. I was breathless after the kiss, his kiss felt eager and uncontrolled while leaving me breathless. I felt him lick and sprinkle kisses where his mark will be at and I then felt his fang elongate; piercing my skin made me muffle a scream.

Xaviers eyes turned back to his normal colors but still darker and swirling with lust and hunger.

“I love you, Mio Congilio,” He said after a final lick on the mark.

“I love you too,” I responded with a breathy reply. I then went over to kiss him back and down his neck while finding my spot for my marking. Giving it a final lick I let Lina take over and my teeth elongated to finish the marking process, while hearing Xavier groan beneath me while I finished.

Xavier then pulled me into him with me straddling his waist. Our lips met once again with the same passion as before and with Xaviers hands moving along my waist with the towel gone. However, I could definitely feel him on my stomach and goddess how was this gonna fit me? The length itself was way past my belly button.

Wetness began to pool from in between my legs while his kisses made my insides burn with need. Xavier slowly, teasingly made his way down my stomach and my thighs, sprinkling kisses along the way making me whimper.

“Xavier… please,” I managed to breath out. He then reached up to my nipples, running his huge hand over them, teasing and pulling them. “Please what, mio Congilio?” Xavier’s nose was close to my lower lips as I struggled to get closer, “Please… ahhh.” “You know I won’t ever force you Stella.”

As my name rolled off his tongue my heart started to beat even faster than before. With a breathless voice I managed to speak again, “Go...go ahead” and with that Xavier kissed me as his hands went between my wetness. As his calloused hands began to work magic, my body heats up and my insides wrapped around his finger. “You’re so wet and tight for me mio congilio. I wonder how it will feel when something even bigger goes in you.”

“Xa…vier” As he whispers his deep voice near my ears, I felt my body release as I muffled out a moan.

“Ahhh…. “ However, Xavier didn’t stop as he stuffed two fingers inside me, making me cum once more. “Looks like my queen is really sensitive,” Xavier said as he smirked at my exhausted expression.

At this point my brain is an incoherent mess as I felt Xavier member rubbing at my entrance.

“Xavier… hold… hold on… I just came.” Instead of listening to my begging, Xavier pinch my nipples and Lina looks to be practically in heat in me.

“One last time before I lose control. Are you ready mio congilio?” I was still dazed but I knew deep down I wanted us to mate fully and a stronger bond, so I nodded my head.

As Xavier saw me nod, he tried to relax me a bit more as he kissed my new mark and up to my lips.

I felt his tip enter and needless to say to hurt as even his fingers seemed tiny. I bit into my hand as I muffled the pain spreading through my lower region as Xavier entered me fully. “I’m sorry, but I can’t control myself,” Xavier said as he plunged the rest of his member into me harshly.

“I love you Stella.”

“I- I love you Xavier.”

I screamed out in pain but as the pain subsided, warmth and pleasure filled me instead to the brim. With me lying on my back, I don’t think Xavier can get into me fully, cause as soon as I felt my climax coming Xavier stopped and picked me up as I sat with both legs wrapped around his torso.

“Ahhh…. Xavier it won’t fit anymore,” Even though it didn’t hurt as much, it still made my mind fuzzy with lust as he pounded into me deeper than before.

“Don’t worry your pussy won’t break… your tight pussy is wrapping itself so tight around me Stella.”

“I- don’t say… nnn… such things!”

I buried my face into the crook of his neck in embarrassment.

If it’s still possible, Xavier member grew bigger in me as I came once again… how many times has it been? I lost count…

However, Xavier on the other hand hasn’t come once… “Mnnnngggg…. Xavier” As witness began to spill out of me, Xavier’s member began to pulse as he quickened his thrust and finished inside me.

“Ahhhhh… wait… don’t start again.”

Goddess I knew Xavier had stamina but I just didn’t know how much. “Stella you’re soaking wet, inside and out… you sure you want me to stop?”

I didn’t get a chance to answer as Xavier flipped me over on all four with his dick still in me. I felt my juice drip down my legs as I felt Xavier spread my butt and hit my deepest spot. As I came once again, Xavier never stopped.

As moans filled the room and the sound of our bodies against one another as Xavier started to massage my clit I came again, but this time Xavier came right after.

I can’t count how many times we did it or how many times I came but I think I fell asleep around 4 in the morning? I think I fell asleep with Xavier still in me…

Author’s Note: Hey! Sorry if this update took a while… I don’t really have much experience with these things so it may seem awkward to read. (It was really awkward for me to type and if there are any recommendations I will take them!)

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