Kings Mate

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Chapter 13

Chapter 13:

As I kissed Xavier bye, Heather pulled me to her car as we left for the mall. On the way we saw pups in their wolf form running around the grass as their mothers had their own conversations.

I was just thinking about when that scene will be me and Xavier when Heather interrupted my thoughts,”So how was last night?” She asked with a huge smirk on her face as she eyes my new mark.

“Hmmm… very… long.”

“Are we talking about the night? Or…” I stopped her before she could finish, “Both alright!”

“Awww I’m just caring about my best friend,” she replied all innocently. Now this earned her a smack on her arm.

“I wonder when we will do it again,” Lina said. “Oh my god Lina don’t just suddenly speak like that, scares the crap out of me!”

“What it’s not like YOU don’t want to do it again,” well she’s got me there.

Everything is so peaceful that I fell in a daze while staring at the passing fields and forest to get to the human malls.

“Hey, earth to Stella! We are here!”

“AHHH, My poor ears. Heather, you know I hate loud noises.”

“Hehe my bad”

On the way in I mindlinked Xavier, “Hey, I just wanted you to know that I got to the mall already.”

“Okay, remember to be careful. A lot of people have problems with me and I need you to be safe now that you’re ruling with me.”

“Yes, I know. I love you and I miss you” I replied back before entering the mall.

As we passed a shop for winter wear, I saw a frosty blue colored tie that had a silver pin that matched.

“Hey, let’s stop by here! I want to get a wedding gift for Xavier,” I said as I dragged Heather behind me. “Fine… I should get a 1 month anniversary gift for Daniel too!”

As we walked into the shop, a lady greeted us and introduced us to their latest styles and accessories. There were different styles for different occasions, one for casual and business suits. I then asked the lady to wrap up the tie from earlier and then the silver pin that matched. Heather also found a new belt that was a British style for Daniel.

“Thank you for shopping with us, please come again!”

“Okay, where to next…” We exited the store as we headed upstairs to the lingerie store, me and Heather stocked up on new underwear and even bought matching bathrobes. However, by the time I walked outside I felt a pair of eyes staring at me. “Hey, do you feel that?”


“A pair of cold gaze…”

Then in case they overheard, I switched to our mindlink.

“Don’t look, but there are a pair of eyes staring from our left.”

Hey, act like you forgot something in the store and drag me with you.” Heather then nodded

“Oh shoot I forgot to pick out something for Daniel!” Heather yelled loudly as she gave me a wink and dragged my arm back into the busy store. Right before we went back in I smelt a faint scent of dirt and the forest floor.

As soon as we got back into the crowd we headed to the cashier, “I think we are being followed, is there another exit?”

She nodded and got someone to take over for her as she took us past the storage space to the back of the mall. We hurriedly said thank you and left as I mind linked our bodyguard to come get us.

It was about 6 now and Xavier should be done with his meetings, so I mind linked him to tell him that I am heading home. I’m not gonna tell him why yet, just in case he is still in business, so I don’t distract him.


“Yes Mio Coniglio?”

Smiling I answered back, “I am heading home now with Heather. Are you done with meetings yet?”

“Yes, I should be finished by the time you get back.”

“Okay, I miss you.”

“I miss you too Stella,” I hear him say with a smile through the phone.

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