Kings Mate

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Chapter 14!

PLEASE READ: So sorry for the late update, but my school confiscated the original chapters that I had originally finished. But now that my new computer is here I can continue the deleted portions of this story.

Chapter 14:

I let out a sigh as I finished talking with Xavier.

"Did you notice anything when I realize that we were being watched?" Heather whispered to me in a worried tone.

"Yeah, I smelt dirt and the forest floor... so I am thinking that they are either a hunter or a Rouge."

Heather looked at me in shock, "Neither of those sound pleasant. Did you tell Xavier yet?"

"No not yet, he is still working and the last thing I want to do is add to his worries. But, don't worry I will tell him at dinner after his meeting."

Heather took my hand and placed it in hers as she tries to comfort me. We drove home followed by the two body guards assigned to us around 7 PM.

Heather dropped me off at Me and Xavier's new house and I was worried for Heather's safety so I sent both of the body guards with her.

I went inside our mansion and looked around for Xavier, but didn't see him anywhere as I took my jacket off. "Huh, I guess he is still at the meeting," I sighed disappointingly as I headed upstairs to take a shower before he gets home.

I don't know how I didn't manage to sense the presence of the person in the shower before I entered. But, as soon as I turned around to look, the same scent of dirt and forest hit me.

Before I could attack him he grabbed me by the back of my neck as he spoke to me in a cold and calm voice.

"Ah ah ah... I wouldn't fight if I were you..." he said as soon as I froze, I felt the sharp edge of a silver knife on my warm neck.

I tried to stay calm at this point, but I could definitely tell that he was half wolf an human by his scent.

"What do you want?" I said in a calm tone with my alpha voice peeking out.

Looking amused he replied, "Hmmm... I was gonna just go ahead and kill you to make the Lycan king heartbroken and weak. But now that I see and feel you, maybe I should just take you here on this counter." He sounded so psychotic that it worried me that he might actually do what he said.

"I wonder how he would feel if I were to defile his one and only little mate... will he still accept you when I ram my cock deep inside you? Or will he kill both of us like what he usually does when someone betrays him?"

He says this as he holds me from the back, the lights were still off but the window shone with the moonlight.

His cold hands felt through my body as though teasing it, over my stomach and then around my chest area. Caressing my body as though he owns it. "So what should I do with this little body of yours?"

With the silver knife on my neck I did't dare to make any sudden movements and my body seems to be frozen ever since entering the bathroom. But then it hit me, an aphrodisiac.

No wonder my body couldn't resist this type of aphrodisiac will disable the persons body and will block a werewolf's mind-link, "I wouldn't try to touch me if I were you. Xavier will certainly have you head before you can flee," I said with confidence.

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