Kings Mate

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Chapter 15

Chapter 15!

*Gets a little crazy, but hopefully it makes sense!

He let out a chuckle as though my threat didn't sound threatening at all. "Oh honey, you should be thinking about how Xavier would even know to come home early with the extra work I added for him."

My heart dropped as I heard his words. That's why Xavier isn't home yet like he said.

As I was in a daze he reached into my shirt and unhooked my bra without me noticing. I felt hot and light headed as the aphrodisiac took its effect to the next level. WET.

His cool hand rubbed against my pebbled nipples giving them a squeeze before pinching them again. "Pretty soft and bouncy for a slut who loves getting fucked."

I tried to defer his words but as soon as I opened my mouth, his hand went into my panties, so only a moan came out. "Wow that was a nice reaction "Queen," he said in a mocking tone.

I felt my wetness drip onto my panties as he slipped his fingers around my clit and began rubbing circles, teasing me around m entrance. "You like this don't you? This tiny body of yours sure gets wet easily," he taunts as he suddenly slips two fingers in a once.

"Mnnmmm, my body is... ahh... only reactingg... because of the aphrodisiac," I refuted.

"Wow still have the energy to think huh? I guess I underestimated your loyalty."

"Too bad I don't give a fuck to what you think!"

As soon as he said that he added another finger as he pushed roughly into my hole. I felt my sight fuzz up in front of the large mirror and he sped up. I keep telling myself that I can't cum, but the aphrodisiac was too strong as I muffled a moan as I came around his fingers. Drawing blood from my lips in the process.

I felt my pussy drip from my cum as he lifted me onto the counter, facing my whole body in front of the mirror like a display.

Feeling his cock budging between my shoulder blades, I tried furiously to mind link Xavier but at this point I couldn't even feel my wolfs presence.

"Now isn't this a nice view..."Right before he finished his sentence he thrusted himself into me.

"AAaahhhh, noooo... mmnnnnn" I heard him groan as he plunged further into me from behind.

"Damn so tight for a slut."

I felt my juice begin to leak down to my ass as he picked me up by my legs, spreading them in front of the foggy mirror. "No, stop I don't want this!"

"Oh yes you do! Your sucking me so tightly inside, don't lie to your true nature."

He kept hitting my weak spot as he plunged into me in and out. In and out. "Mnnmmmm... ughhh"

I kept resisting the urge to cum but he felt that I was close so he pinched my clit as I released.

However, he didn't stop and kept thrusting into my swollen pussy. He then put me down into doggy style, grabbing my tits as his kneaded them as he continued slamming into me.

I came once again and I passed out.

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