Kings Mate

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Chapter 16

Chapter 16:

"Stella... Stella!" I heard Xavier but I can't see him, like my body won't respond.

I tried to reach out to him as his warmth and scent surrounded me, at this moment all I could feel was how anxious Xavier felt. "Stella! Please respond..." I tried to move my hand or anything for that matter to tell him that I hear him.

"Stella can you hear me?" Xavier said in a whisper.

Xavier's POV:

Once the meeting was done I was on my way home to Stella, but before I could leave the office Daniel rushed in telling me that there was a rouge on the loose.

(After 3 hours)

Once we caught the rouge at the boarder we headed back to the pack house. "Daniel make sure he doesn't get out from the prison, I'll be heading home to Stella now." "Yes, Alpha"

Stella must be worried, I tried to mind link her to tell her about the situation but she never answered, so she's probably asleep. Once I reached the door the light in the living room was still on so I headed upstairs to out bedroom. I didn't want to wake her so I walked quietly to the bed, but only to find that she wasn't on it.
"Stella? Where are you?"
I decided to check the bathroom, but once I got in my heart sunk. Stella was lying unconscious on the bathroom floor, her face looked ghostly pale as if she had a nightmare.

Back to the present: Stella's POV
I opened my eyes to see Xavier crouched over my body with his hands wrapped around mine, all I could see was the heartbroken and worried look in his eyes. "Xavier..." my voice came out in a hoarse whisper.
"How do you feel? What happened? The doctor said you fainted to due to a high amount of shock."
That's when it hit me, the man and the rape.
"Xavier can I see the doctors report?" "Yeah, hang on. Hailey? You can come in she is awake."
A brunet doctor came in with a clipboard in hand, "How do you feel?"
"I'm fine but I do have some questions to ask," I replied.
"Yes, of course. Do have any idea of how you fainted?"
Before I answered I looked over to Xavier, "Can you wait at home? I need to speak with Hailey about the trauma and some personally issues."
"Are you okay? Were you injured some other way? I thought your health was fine?" Before Xavier could ask anymore questions I gave him a quick kiss, "No Xavier everything is fine, now that we are managing the pack together we can't have something like this happen again." I reassured him and nudged his shoulder to go, Xavier gave me a smile, "I won't go home by myself but I will give you two some room. Call me when your ready Stella."
I gave him a nod as he headed out the room.
"Hailey when Xavier brought me in did I have any injuries on my body?" She hesitated for a moment, right before she replied, "I am asking because you said I fainted due to shock but I don't remember what caused that" I explained quickly.
Hailey smiled and said, "Well no injuries, so it must have been a mental shock of some kind." "I have the x-ray right here." She handed me the x-ray and there was nothing out of place, nothing broken or fractured.
"Although we don't know what caused the shock, we still need you to rest a day to make sure it's nothing serious."
"Thank you for your help and on the way out could you notify Xavier and tell him I am ready to go home?"
"Yes, Luna take care."
Xavier came in shortly after, even though I faintly remember about the rape, but I am sure there is no bodily effect. It was more of a sleeping paralysis, the scent however matched up with the one from the mall. So I will tell Xavier what happened tomorrow morning, but only that that man was at the mall, since the rape wasn't "real."
"Come on Stella, lets go home." On the way I explained to Xavier that all I remember was coming home from shopping and blacking out in the bathroom. We all know that it isn't the total truth, but it is that safest truth. I knew that Xavier trusted me so he didn't question it.
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