Kings Mate

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Chapter 17

Chapter 17:

As we rode home in the car I snuggle up against Xavier as I tried to collect my thoughts on what happened. Even though there was nothing wrong with my physical body, I could still remember the feeling of the "rape." Just the thought of this made my stomach turn as the visions flashed back. Xavier must have felt my discomfort as he rubbed soothing circles on my back.

"Stella don't worry whoever caused todays events will pay dearly for what they tried to do."

"Mmhmm, I know you will protect me. I will be fine... eventually."

Xavier's P.O.V:
On the car ride home, Stella was quite as though I could almost see the gears spin in her head. She looked exhausted as she patiently explained her day to me along with the details she had picked up at the mall. My heart clenched as I saw her looking so frail and made me extremely angry at myself for leaving her alone for so long and whoever was behind this.
Whoever it is, they will wish that they were never born.
No one messes with my family, ESPECIALLY my mate.

As I opened my eyes, I felt Xavier right beside me like a bear who doesn't want to lose his honey. Yes, a bear not a wolf. I stifled a laugh as the though of Xavier as a bear glaring at me.
"Good morning mio coniglio, good to hear your laugh again," Xavier said with a smile.
I answered by snuggling closer as I rested my head right under his chin, "good morning my king." Smiling I gave a little kiss on his jaw line as I felt the sun rise beside us.
Soon we both agreed it was time to get ready for the work and training since I managed to convince Xavier to let me train more in case I get ambushed or attacked again.
I picked out a blue top matched with black tights while Xavier wore his dark blue suit with a black tie. "Oh, speaking of clothes I got you a little present!" I ran up to Xavier with the silver pin from the mall, "here! This is made from white gold so it can't hurt you but it will still look as good as silver."
As soon as I put it on his suit he pulled me into a hug, Sigh..."What did I do to get this wonderful and beautiful mate?"
Laughing I peeked up to look at his sparkly blue eyes, "I love you Xavier" his face lit up as he leaned down to kiss me.
"I love you the most mio coniglio."
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