Kings Mate

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Chapter 18

Chapter 18:

Me and Xavier had breakfast together as usual and then he dropped me off at the training ground. Ever since the incident* Xavier had been extra alert and especially increased the security everywhere I am. While him himself never allowed me out of sight as he was worried about me and the people around me.
When he does have to go to meetings he either brings me along while preceding to work with me on his lap or has Daniel and Heather around me as I train or shop. Now I don't mind these extra security, but... it does tend to get awkward when the brutal god of war falls in love and his mate is bought to meetings. Sigh... not to mention since he likes to hold me as he handles foreign affairs the elders and other alphas usually stare in shock.
I think ya'll get the picture :)
*Keep in mind that Stella had been asleep after that night for three days so 4 days has passed all together since.
Today we are training in a mock battle, similar to the purpose of fire drills. Just like fire, the attacks of enemies are at random and can also start anywhere and anytime. So since I am Luna/ Queen not only do I have to consider the battle levels my people, but also myself.
Thankfully since I was born from alphas I was well trained in my fundamental and theoretical skills even before I shifted. Though Lina usually doesn't talk much she is great at ambush and offense as our body is lighter than most but also stronger due to the alpha bloodline.
So with constant training by my dad and skill teaching by my mom I am sure that I am not too far behind if at all.
Throughout the combat training I was well aware that my weak spot was my senses, because since I was nocked out by something or someone I didn't hear or sense them in time.
"Hey Heather can you find some people of different levels to help me train my senses?" Heather gave me an okay through the mind link, about 5 minutes later three guys and one girl came up to me.
"Your highness, we heard that you requested sparring partners?"
I nodded at them, "Yes, I did but you guys can just call me Stella like everyone else. No need for the formalities under these settings."
The oldest one replied, "As you wish Stella."
I think the oldest was around the mid-20's but looks can be deceiving when facing lychans and even Werewolves in general. While the youngest looked to be around 15 or 16, someone who would have just shifted in the recent years.
"Wow Heather you really outdone yourself with the diversity of the opponents."
"Who told me to be mated to a workaholic beta, a royal one at that."
Laughing at her joke through the mind link, I gathered the 5 people and asked them to attack me as though a real battle but I will have a blindfold on. They seemed hesitant at first since they were scared to hurt me on accident if I didn't dodge on time. However, I reassured them that even if they do hurt me I will heal in no time.
As I put the blindfold on I let my scent and hearing take over.
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