Kings Mate

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Chapter 2

Chapter 2: Black Out

I felt a pair of secured hands around my waist when the lights went out.

Xavier was ordering the guards around to turn the light back on and to find out the source. I felt safe in his arms so I didn’t move.

I could still see what was happening despite the darkness, I could make out the shapes of Heather and my parents too. But I also saw an outline of a knife making its way towards me and Xavier. As soon as the lights turned back on Xavier was holding Cassandra’s arm from striking me with the knife.

I think I heard bones cracking but when Xavier realizes that I was frightened he threw her to the ground.

“Throw her into the prison for attempting to assassinate the queen!,” Xavier said. His eyes were still black since he was angry so I tried to calm him down a bit with a reassuring hug telling him that i’m all right.

Heather and my parents were rushing over to see if I was okay and if it weren’t for Xavier then I would’ve been hurt or even killed.

Xavier pulled me tighter into the hug, but since I was only 5′4, Xavier was a good foot taller than me causing me to hit his chest instead. “Ouch my nose!” This made Xavier panic and quickly pulled me away to carefully examine me. “Sorry, I was just relieved that you are fine.”

With me in a daze these words slipped out,“I love you.”

This made him happy like a child on Christmas day.

Xavier went to discuss with my parents when I can move in with him and how they can come visit us anytime they want.

“I will take care of your daughter Alpha Conner. Don’t worry she is in good hands.” I guess dad likes him, “Dad don’t worry no one will bully me over here.

"I have Xavier to protect me and I’m sure he’ll be with me everyday.”

At this moment Andrew came up to us. “I just wanted to send off my childhood friend since you’ve found your mate Stella.” Andrew stated matter of factually. “Here I hope you’ll accept this bracelet as a token of our past.”

Xavier saw the worried look on my face and moved me closer to him. While Xavier glared Andrew down, he said, “Stella is my queen and she will not be accepting anything from anyone besides family.”

I saw Andrews’ face turn pale as he felt the power that radiated from Xavier’s voice.

It felt nice and safe being with Xavier and his status surprisingly didn’t make me feel scared, instead making me feel protected.

Andrew was muttering a goodbye as I left with my mate.

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