Kings Mate

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Chapter 19


Someone came at me towards my 12 o-clock and one at my 9 o -clock, the foot steps gave away their locations but now it' up to my scent to figure out what their next moves are. Ducking one I punched the other as they came at full speed, successfully landing the blow to the chest area making me back up from the strong impact. Quickly following the other two, they made sure to aim for different parts of my body so that it was harder to escape. Knowing I can't block two spots at once I jumped over them instead, hearing them collide I hid a snicker.


Xavier's P.O.V.

"How is everything going with the investigation" I asked Daniel as we made out way to check up on Stella. "We have not found who was responsible for the intrusion, however, we have a prime suspect that we have arrested."

"Oh? Who?"

"Mikel Astenia, he is a rouge but he has also some unknown origins unlike the other outcasts."

"You mean he isn't a werewolf?"

"Yes, my king. He has a notorious reputation for being able to use dark magic and is also in frequent contact with the witches of the east. It seems like his full bloodline is not only werewolves but also witch and something else that we have yet to verify."

"Okay this is already good information for this short amount of time given. Keep an eye on his every move and since he can use magic make sure to activate the barrier for magic on at all times."

"Yes, King."

"Also, make sure to..." my mate sure is beautiful, Stella was surrounded by the warriors of the pack and had a blindfold on as she round kicked the older guys stomach.

"King? What was your order?" Daniel asked.

Coughing, "Hmm? Oh, just make sure to get a full report on Mikel before tomorrow morning Daniel."

"Yes, right away."

As Daniel left I found myself drawn to my mate once again as I admired her graceful moves along with her stamina.

Back To STELLA's P.O.V.

I could hear them all panting to catch up to my speed as I jumped off of one person's shoulder while kicking the others. As I heard them collapse I found myself tired now as the adrenaline wore off. Just before I took off the blindfold I smelt him, "Xavier!!" I rushed happily over to where his scent was coming from, falling onto a hard chest.

"My Stella!" Xavier cried happily as he took off my blindfold for me. Gosh I swear I can never get tired of looking at this dashing face, I though to myself as I daydreamed. "Mio coniglio" Xavier whispered near my ear, startling me from my daze.


"If you like blindfolds that much then maybe we should try it tonight? Hmm? What do you think?" He asked as he nibbled on my ear.

I could feel all the blood rush to my head as he went down my neckline, but before he got too far I smacked his face away. As I was doing so I felt the stare of the warriors who were still training. "Ha ha ha..." awkwardly laughing I decided it was time to go home where we had more privacy? So I whispered back pretending innocence, "Hmm? We sure can, but I didn't know that the Lycan King would like to play tag."

I felt his body rumble with laughter and right before he could respond I slipped away from his hold and turned towards my sparring partners. "Thanks for the sparring today, we should continue this tomorrow if you guys have free time still."

Bowing they said, "Yes that's an honor your majesty."

Smiling I went to say bye to them but before that I felt Xavier hand wrap around my waist as he threw me over his shoulder.

"Ahhhh! Xavier! I'm not a sack of potatoes!"

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