Kings Mate

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Chapter 20

Warning Hot stuff ahead!

After my fussing, Xavier hurried home with me over his shoulders still and we got home in about 2 minutes. It should be around 4 PM by the suns location. He only put me down, never mind, more like threw me down on the bed when we got to the bed.
"Oof, geez. What are you a beast?! Throwing me like a sack."
As I pouted and pretended to be hurt, Xavier came over me, "Hmmm? But I am a beast, mio coniglio. That's just what we do but now this beast is hungry."
Before I could respond his lips crashed onto mine as electric shocks ran up my body from the contact. I then remembered that I was sweaty from training earlier and so I pushed Xavier's lips away for a moment to catch my breath. "Wait! I'm still really sweaty from earlier."
"Mio coniglio you still taste very good regardless."
"But- mmmhnnn"
He didn't let me debate again as he thrusted his tongue inside my mouth again as it battled for dominance with mine. Needless to say, mine lost as he pulled away to kiss his mark. Shivering at the contact I felt him pull up my sports bra while pinching my nipple. Muffling my moans I felt him on my thigh as it hardened, making me wetter.
I then felt his hand roam under my breast as he licked over them and the other under my waist as he pulled off my shorts. I'm sure he smells my arousal, making me clutch my legs tighter together underneath of him. As though he knew what I was thinking, his hand reached over my underwear and pulled it as it tightened around my clitoris. "AHH, don't pull!"
Smirking, Xavier pulled even tighter as he kissed me, making me cum in my underwear.
Breathless I looked up at his face again seeing his sapphire eyes as they darken with lust. Sometimes I still can't believe that such a sexy person is my mate, even with clothes on he looks delicious. I don't know what overtook me but I sat up as I placed my hand over his heart slowing trailing down his body until I reached his "Little Xavier."
"What do you think you're doing little one?"
"Hmmm... having some dessert?"
Smirking he let me do what I wanted, I unzipped him as I looked at his strained pants. I swear no matter how many times I look at this I still wonder how it fit.
Taking it in my hands I rubbed the pre- cum with my finger before slipping my tongue on it, circling the tip before taking it in my mouth. I honesty don't know how I was doing but based on the groan that I just heard, Xavier felt good. So I continued for another 30 seconds, but my jaw got sore so I switched to laying Xavier down as I wrapped my boobs around it while sucking the tip. "Mmmmnnn... Stella" After a few minutes Xavier came in my mouth as he thrusted.
"Where did you learn that?"
"Ummm.. honestly I don't know? Natural talent?"

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