Kings Mate

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Chapter 21


As me and Xavier where about to continue, Daniel mind linked us that there were rouges at the boarder. Quickly I felt my heart clench about the pack's safeties and I nodded at Xavier before we both got dressed and ran to the border.

As we arrived we saw about 20 rouges and the stench of rotten dumpsters hit me, along with that scent that was at the mall. That made my senses go on high alert, in case I find him.
Xavier rushed over to Daniel and Heather as warriors lead by Grant surrounded the border in case they tried to slip in. A rouge with long hair and a gash on his face lead the "pack" and walked closer as some warriors behind us prepared to attack.
Xavier, half growling "Why are you here Demetri?!"
"Hello cousin... nice to see YOU too," Demetri relied sarcastically.
"I never had a COUSIN like you!"
Before Xavier could lose his human self I quickly clasped my hand with his and gave him a tight squeeze to let him know that I am here now. His hardened expression looked like he lost his whole pack and he couldn't do anything. Guilt. Frustration... all built into one on his once soft face.
Now that I remember, I don't recall Xavier ever mentioning his parents... even Lina felt that his parents may be gone as she whimpers thinking what they have gone through.
"I see that the rumors were true, you did find your precious mate."
"What do you want Demetri, while I am still being patient you better answer before everyone of you dies."
"Don't be so mean now, your gonna hurt my feelings," Demetri said with a fake crying face. "I just wanted to check up on my dear oh Cousin and his newly found mate."
"Well you have seen and spoken to us, so you lying bastards can leave!" It was normal for us to dislike contact with rouges and I have a feeling that that this isn't the only reason "they" are really here for. So I stepped in, "Well it is clear that WE have nothing to discuss and there is certainly no need for this to continue any further. If YOU wish for a longer life then I suggest that YOU leave our pack this instant" I demanded in my alpha tone.
After a bit of shocked faces from Demetri's rouge group, he awkwardly replied, "Well well well, your mate DOES speak."
I felt Xavier tense beside me in anger,
Lina, "I am pretty sure that our mate took that as a insult." I nodded back and rubbed my hand up and down his back to bring his focus back to me. In a mocking tone I said to him "Now my KING it isn't worth being mad at someone who isn't important, now is there." Through the mind think I told him something different, "I can handle him Xavier." He gave me a smile before returning a, "I know you can."
"Hmmm? I'm sorry I couldn't understand you just now, all I could hear was a dog yapping." I could here my best friend snickering behind me and others trying to hide their smiles. "So since none of our pack can understand the yapping out of your mouth, I don't think we can TALK anymore." Goddess there faces are either scrunched up for their leader or angry at my insults... but it was sure fun to trash talk once in a while.
Time to wrap this up "All rouges shall be executed if they cross this boarder" then looking at Demetri, "NO exceptions."
"Yes Queen!"

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