Kings Mate

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Planning something? Chapter 22


After leaving Demetri's annoying face, I walked back with most people with Grant and the warriors guarding the boarder in case they come back. Xavier was smiling so proudly that he didn't have to do much, on the way home we decided to walk back while enjoying the moon.

After a while I tried to ease him into telling me what made his "cousin" a rouge and what happened to his parents. I have no doubt that he is a great ruler but the pain behind those beautiful eyes makes my heart ache.

"Soooo? Who is Demetri" I asked in a soft whisper. He stopped for a second before answering me, "He USED to be my cousin, he was my mothers little brother. Everything was peaceful until Demetri's anger issues got out of hand and allied with the dark witches of Creoles. In short he betrayed the pack putting all lives in danger, he did all this to resurrect his mate, Julianna."

"A loss of a mate? No wonder he made that decision..." I said in a somber tone, actually feeling bad for him.

"However, he crossed the line by threatening my parents for the blood ruby to resurrect his mate. And when my parents said 'no' the dark witches hexed them to never be able to see each other or else they will die."

"Where are they now?"

"To prevent them from seeing each other as the hex includes, they chose to lose their sights so that they can still be together."

"Wow...." I don't know what I am supposed to say but even without their sights I can tell that they would still each other the same. "So where are they now? Can I meet them?"

Smiling, Xavier said, "You will soon enough, my Queen." As we entered our house, we have arrived during our discussion. Sniffing the air I realized that we weren't alone, so immediately I went into fighting mode. Before I said anything, Xavier spoke in a soft voice, "Mom, Dad... welcome home."

I KNOW that this is a short chapter but this chapter also included a LOT of new background information, so I was hoping to let you guys process the new information. Since it is officially SUMMER now, I will be updating more frequently :) Happy Reading!


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