Kings Mate

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Chapter 25


When I opened my eyes I saw me and Lina... separated in both human and wolf form, "Lina? Where are we?!"
"It's okay Stella, the moon goddess wants to see us. We are between the bridge connecting the God and the Demon world. "
Then I realized that me and Lina were standing on water that looked like a sea of stars and behind me seemed like Hell, While the scenery in front of me looks like Heaven. Lina then started to walk towards the "God world" as I followed, it's so weird because I have never seen Lina act so quiet, she's always playing jokes in my head.
We arrive inside a palace that looks like silver stars made it, while there was a huge moon on the tip of the palace, gold and silver roses surrounded the front making it seem magical. "Come on the moon goddess is waiting for us, I can hear her calling."
We walked into a marble staircase leading towards a ball room, "It's beautiful in here, isn't it Lina?"
"Yes, this used to be my home Stella. There's some things that we need to tell you."
Stopping in my tracks, "You used to live here!?"
Before Lina could reply, the tall doors were opened as a light voice called out to us, "My daughter, you have finally returned."
A women with silver wavy hair that looked more white than silver floated down to us from her throne. Her eyes were of the color of lavender surrounded by silver lashes, her skin looked just like the moon. Radiant.
Realization hit me that this was the Moon Goddess, "Hello Your Grace" I said bowing my head slightly.
Lina walked towards her side as the Goddess spoke, "No don't be so formal, I was the one who called you here so there is no need to be like so."
"Yes, Your Grace" so I straightened up glancing warily at Lina.
The Moon Goddess spoke again, "Stella, as you may know I have been in this role for a few centuries now..."
"Well this part was not shared to anyone, Lina here" gesturing to Lina on her right "is my daughter, also my successor."
As she says this Lina wouldn't look me in the eye as she felt like she had lied to me. Granted, I am in shock that the Moon Goddess had a daughter, but for her to be my wolf?!
In a shaky breath I said, "So is Your Highness going to take Lina away?"
Shocked the Moon Goddess replied, "No dear, I just got both of you here to tell you the truth and to amplify your powers. After all I am Lina's mother but since she is half wolf, she was too weak for this place, so I sent her to you 18 years ago."
"Wait... so Lina, did you know all of this, all this time?"
"No, Stella I just knew that I had to protect you and to bring you here when you turned 18, but as we know, a lot changed during those times. So no, I never knew that the Moon goddess was my mom, I didn't even know I had a mom."
"So Your Highness, why are we here now?"
She smiles as she said "I need you and Lina to become my successors, so I bought you here to give you the power of a successor." As she says this she places to fingers on my forehead as she chanted a spell. Her touch felt warm and I floated with her as silver light shined from her body to mine.
"Now, awaken my daughter, go back to your mate" then everything goes black."

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