Kings Mate

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Chapter 26: Season Two


When I had come to, there was sobbing echoing throughout the room, as well as the beeping of the heart meter. Xavier was holding my hand so tight that my hand was red, his head was down kissing my hand in his. I tried to speak but my voice came out hoarsely, but it was enough for Xavier to pick it up.

"Stella! Goddess your finally awake- I- I was so nervous, you have been in dormant for a good two days!"
I could hear the anger and frustration in his voice, because as the only king he had enough burden on his shoulders, but with me, his mate in a coma he just looked so torn. I tried to smile at him as he handed me a glass of water, "I'm okay, but we do need to talk."
"Are you hurt somewhere?"
"No... but-"
My words were cut off as the sudden urge to shift overtook me as Lina took over, "AHHHHHHH."
Soon I was on all fours as pain overtook me, it felt like my skin was being ripped and then twisted to fit another way. I could hear Xavier's frustrated growl ripped though my aching pain as he called for the imperial doctors, "HELP HER RIGHT KNOW!"
As I caught a glimpse of his face once again, I realized that I had blacked out again. "Stella! Stella?"
When I got up of the floor, I found that my paws were a streaked with gold and silver, instead of my originally silver fur I had before. "Lina? Can you hear me??"
"Stella, thank the Goddess your awake, I tried talking to you but it's like you put up a barrier in our minds. I just wanted to let you know that everything is alright, and that its normal according to my moms instructions."
"Wait- so we were meant to change forms? AND BLACK OUT AGAIN?!"
"I know it's a lot to take in but it was necessary to receive the powers of the Moon Goddess, because I am half wolf the process was a lot more difficult compared to the past."
I snapped out of my thoughts with Lina as I mind linked Xavier, snapping his out of his daze as he took in my new form.
"Stella? Yeah I'll go bring a mirror" he came back soon after with a huge mirror.
I looked at myself, the new version. I was shocked to be greeted with violet eyes, the same eyes I saw on the Moon Goddess herself. And on my original silver fur, there were streaks of gold that looked like gold thread had been woven through my fur. My paws were now the color of pure white, like fresh snow and not to mention my overall size has grown as well, equaling the size of my fathers wolf.
Lina spoke up again as I was taking in the new form, "Yeah I know were are hot, but wait until you see your own human form. Try shifting back."
I imagined my human self, the raven hair, my blue eyes, and my pale skin, I felt the familiar cracks and pops in my bones as they rearraigned itself. When I opened my eyes I saw that my human eyes had still been the color blue, but my hair...
"It's silver..."
Then looking at my wrist I saw a crescent moon shape in gold, similar to a tattoo. I looked like the descendent of the Moon Goddess now and here I thought it was all a dream and hallucination.
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