Kings Mate

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A New Start

Chapter 3: A New Start

The rest of the evening was pleasant and we danced to a couple more songs with Heather and her mate. Then me and Xavier went out to the garden; grabbing me a coat along the way.

“So who was the blondy who was sticking to you like glue?”

I think I caught him off guard as he tensed up,“Well, you know how I’ve been waiting for you for ten years already?"

I nodded, "Well, I just started to doubt if the moon goddess ever blessed me with a mate.” Xavier looked extremely sad and my heart was aching too but I was still kinda upset that he didn’t wait for me.

Half mad and teasing,“So you chose that blond chick instead?”

“No! That’s not my doing, Cassandra had been chasing me since we’ve met.... but I never had any feelings for her.”

“Okay...” I was honestly kinda amused by his babbling while trying to explain himself but I stopped him. “And...” “I was just asking you not to blame you silly, I could never hate you.”

He was still in a daze but quickly came over and hugged me around my waist as he nuzzled my hair.

Thinking to myself, well i’m definitely not cold anymore, “Hey, let’s go back inside okay?” Xavier's face lightened up saying, “Of course my queen.”

It was so hard to get Xavier to let me go for 5 minutes, when I finally managed to pry him away from me he quickly pulled me back to him.

“Ooof, geez I was just going to look for Heather. Now let me go!” He watched me struggle like a little bunny trying to get away from a pretender. Amused he whispered, “No,” With me finally giving up with my arms still crossed and with a pout, “Fine then come with me then.”

Pulling him along I finally found Heather who looked to have just ran around the whole castle. “Heather what the heck happened...?”

But then I noticed a marking of two wolves howling to a crescent moon where her shoulder and neck meet. “He marked you already?!” Sheepishly she replied with an embarrassed, “Yeah, just about 15 minutes ago.” I looked at her in shock and looked at a blushing Daniel in the back.

“Really?” I said. Sighing in defeat and going up to Daniel saying,“If you dare to make my best friend cry, mad, or anything to make her feel sad, I WILL hunt you down myself. Do you hear me loud and clear?”

Nervously he relied, “I pledge to never do any of that to Heather!” Now that made me feel good while earning a smirk from my own mate. “Already prepared to be my Queen I see.”

Now it was my turn to blush.

I made my way to go home with my parents and gave my mate a kiss on his cheek. “See you tomorrow my King.” I smiled but then was pulled back to his chest once again.

“What now!” “I change my mind you are staying here from tonight on and we’ll just fetch your stuff tomorrow.”

I was about to complain but he quickly interrupted me with a kiss. “That still doesn’t change my mind, I am going home with my family so I can say goodbye and pack my stuff myself. I will be back tomorrow. I promise.” Seeing as I was determined he didn’t try to push me any further.

Xavier P.O.V

I was surprised to find my little mate at the ball tonight but it could have gone better. Stella, when I heard her name it rolled perfectly off my tongue and her black silky hair was beautiful as her blue almond eyes. The Goddess knew what she was doing when she paired us together and although the wait to find her was devastating she was worth it.

Now however I’ve got another thing to deal with after my mate left; I went to deal with Cassandra. Because I did not want to scare my mate away I had to refrain from any killing tonight in front of her. So I mind linked my Royal Gamma Lucas to make sure Cassandra did not escape and to meet me there.

Once I’ve reached the prison I heard shouting and it came from Cassandra arguing with her parents; her parents were the ex-Gamma and his mate/ also Lucas’ parents.

“That Bitch seduced Xavier and even made me get imprisoned! I want to kill her!”

“Calm down Cassandra and you knew since the beginning, we warned you that you two weren’t mates and therefore shouldn’t be close! Now look at what you have done.”

While her mom was trying to calm her mate down I stepped in and this made them shift their focus to me.

“Nice to see you ex-gamma although I wish it was under other circumstances.” “Yes, greetings my King.”

I then went over to the cell and Cassandra started to speak. “So now what? Now that you chose your mate over me. Are you going to kill me now?”

“Well...” I was cut off short by her father, “Please spare my daughter just this once!” Now that made me mad, “What makes you think you can interrupt me! I am your king and no one disrespects me!” He then kneels and bares his neck to show submission while I redirect my attention back at the crying Cassandra.

“I hereby announce that Cassandra Stones will be cut off from the pack due to her attempt to assassinate the Queen.”

Cassandra was then released from the chains and the mind link between her and the pack snapped. Turning to her I said,“I’m not killing you because your parents have done so much for mine and therefore you will be deemed a rogue. Never come into Stella's life ever again. Do you hear me?”

She could only mumble a “yes” from her state of shock.

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