Kings Mate

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Chapter 4

Chapter 4: Moving Day

Stella P.O.V.

Waking up this morning remembering that I had found my mate last night made me blush and I quickly did my morning routine.

Throwing on a floral dress with opal earrings I walked downstairs to greet my family.

“Good morning! What’s for breakfast?” “Hey pumpkin, go get breakfast from your mom.” Dad pointed to my mom who was in the kitchen.

Huh, I guess Jade is still getting ready. So I got breakfast from mom and gave her a kiss on the cheek. “You better eat all of that Stella!” “Yes, mom.” After I had finished the oatmeal and a piece of pastry that mom made from China I went upstairs to finish packing.

Grabbing everything that was important I went to the bathroom to check how I looked before Xavier came here. While applying some mascara, lip balm, and some concealer around my eyes. I was then hit by the smell of my mate; knowing that he had arrived early I fixed my hair while grabbing my luggage to head downstairs.

“Stella I can’t wait to show you our room when we get back to the castle.” “O-our room?” “Of course where did you expect to sleep?”

I then nodded my head showing I understand and went to give everyone a hug. “Remember to visit pumpkin!” “I definitely will, oh and Jade?”


“You can have my room now that i’m gone.” Giving her a wink and grabbing my mates arm to head to the castle.

When we got into the car Xavier pulled me against him and hugged me around the waist. “Now this is comfortable,” my wolf thought.

After a while into the car ride,“Hey… what if i’m not cut out to be Queen?”

Xavier looked at me and said, “You will make the perfect Queen Stella, from what I know already you are kind, caring, and loyal to those you love. Therefore, I don’t want to hear you say that you are not cut out to be my Queen.”

“Okay,” Smiling, I nodded snuggling deeper into his chest. I don’t know when I fell asleep but, when I woke up I was in a very large bedroom. Smelling my mate’s scent made me relax and realizing it was Xavier's room so I went to go to the bathroom.

After I finished my business, Xavier came in but was panicking because he couldn’t find me. “I thought that you’ve left me!”

“Xavier, I’m not gonna leave you silly; I was just using the bathroom.”

Sighing a relief “How do you like our room?”

I thought that the layout of the room was elegant with silk curtains paired with white and gold furniture. “It looks great and the bed was comfy.” While giving Xavier a smile and with him giving me a kiss on the forehead.

“Okay, I’ve got some duty to attend to so I will get my Delta to show you around.”

“I got it, go to work and I will see you later tonight?” “Of course my Queen.”

And with that Xavier had left for him meetings while I was left to put my things away and get ready. The bathroom looked elegant as well with a standing shower and a huge tub. So I decided to take a bubble bath and once I got done getting ready and organizing.

I put my hair in a half up and half down hairdo. Then applying some basic skincare with a little makeup I was ready. Then I wore a baby blue sundress and brown sandals. When I heard a knock on the door I went to open it and found a guy with blond hair and silver eyes standing at the door.

“Hello sister-in-law, I am the Royal Delta Grant and here to show you around.” With a smile I replied, “Hello Grant it’s nice to meet you and you can just call me Stella no need for formalities.”

While walking around Grant showed me the kitchen, indoor pool and now we are on our way to the pack house.

“So you and Xavier are brothers?” “No, but he’s just like a brother to me and Daniel hence the brother-ship between us.” Hmm… that makes more sense, “I miss our mate…” Lina was whimpering and wanting to meet Xavier's wolf since we’ve met. “We will go find Xavier later,” I assured her.

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