Kings Mate

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Meeting the Pack

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Chapter 5: Meeting the Pack

We were now on our way to the pack house and I was worrying if they would like me.

Hearing whispers, “Hey…have y’all heard of what happened with Cassandra?” A girl replied back with,“You mean that wannabe Queen?”

“Yeah I heard she tried to kill our kings mate!”

“Such a disgrace for trying to steal someone else mate!”

Then a guy said, “As a subject I just hope our new queen is capable and loyal to our king.”

They were interrupted by Grant clearing his throat.

“This is your queen to be, Stella Rose.” Everyone started to bow and knowing that we heard their conversation earlier on some were blushing from embarrassment.

A kid then came running towards me and accidentally fell; she was an adorable brunette with baby blue eyes. I helped her get up and she quickly and quietly apologized, “I…I’m so, so sorry.” I cut her off by picking her up, “So who are you little one?”

“I’m Aurora!” A woman ran towards us in a hurry and I guess that she was her mom, “Aurora you can’t just run off like that, “Oh my, greetings to the future queen; please excuse my daughters behaviors.”

“No worries she’s adorable and you’ve raised her well.” The woman smiled and introduced herself as Anna and she was a warrior’s wife and her daughter Aurora who is currently 3 years old. After that I was greeted by the people who were whispering about me and honestly I can tell they were happy for Xavier.

Me and Grant walked outside since the sun was about to set and I figured I’d go and see Xavier in his office to give him a surprise.

Just when I was about to walk into the office I noticed that there was an unfamiliar scent and became hesitant. “Hey Grant do you know if we were supposed to have anyone over for today?”

“I do not believe there were any appointments made to see the king today Stella.”

“I see…” I pushed open the door nervous for some reason and then I froze with shock.

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