Kings Mate

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Chapter 6: Surprise!

A woman stood in front of me and Grant; she had the same dark hair as Xavier but her eyes were gold along with fair skin.

Xavier on the other hand heard me and stood up and walked to me, “Stella what are you doing here? How was meeting the pack? Did anyone offend you?” I burst out laughing, “No Xavier I’m fine but on the more important side are you going to introduce me to this beautiful lady here?”

Seeing Xavier panic like a child made my nervousness fade and we both turned to greet the mysterious women. Before Xavier could speak the lady wrapped me in her arms and dang was she strong.

“Stella this is my mother, Elizabeth the previous Queen and mom this is Stella my beautiful mate, soon to be Queen,” While Xavier concluded the introduction his mom had her demeanor change.

“Oh my goddess the moon goddess didn’t let my son down and even managed to bless him with such a beautiful mate! Welcome to the family Stella!” While turning to her son, “And you sir did not tell me that you have finally found your mate after 10 years. It was about time I got grandpups!” With me laughing at Xavier being lectured at the age of 26 like a child made everything more relaxed.

It turned out that Xavier invited his mom to show me the ropes of becoming the next Queen and while Damien who was the previous King was off greeting his old representatives of the council.

“So how old are you this year my dear?”

“I am 17 this year and thank you for this warm acceptance to me and Xavier.” Elizabeth was very happy needless to say to finally have a daughter-in-law while Xavier just continued to let his mother talk to me about his teenage years.

And about an hour later his dad had also arrived, “I trust everything is well,” he asked while wrapping his arms around Xaviers mom. “Yes father everything is going well and it’ll be even better now that i’ve found my mate,” Xavier answered while smiling lovingly at me.

“Nice to meet you. I’m Stella Rose, previously of the Silver Moon pack and daughter of Alpha Mason.”

Damien smiled and gave me a little nod; “Well he seems like a man of few words,” Lina interrupted. I smiled and agreed with her but he did emit a powerful dominance. I nudged Xaviers side, “Well guess we know who you take after, I joked.”

“Hmmm… who knows I may be better in some terms,” Xavier said while nibbling my ear, making me shudder in delight. While taking the hint I shoved him while I rushed after his mom and dad to the office, leaving Xavier chuckling in amusement.

With that the whole family erupted in laughter while Xavier squeezed my hand with my head resting on his shoulder. We all talked for a while and soon they both left for their own rooms for the night, Meanwhile Xavier saw that I was sleepy so he carried me with my legs by his side and my head resting on the crook of his neck.

We then made it into our room with me waking up to Xavier taking a shower. He then came out with a towel around his waist and that made me snap awake with embarrassment. “Ummm… i’ll go take a shower now you can go to bed first if you’re tired!” And with that I rushed into the bathroom past him as fast as my little legs can carry me.

“Oh my Goddess what did I just see,” I whispered and shouted at myself. Lina was then laughing her head off while processing what happened. I could also hear chuckling outside the bathroom and I knew that it was Xavier, so I decided to jump into the shower to forget about what I just saw. And oh believe me when I say that it was an amazing sight, one that is VERY hard to forget. Groaning at my failure I quickly took a shower and then realized that while I was rushing into the bathroom I had forgotten my pajamas. “Dammit…” I then peeked my head out of the bathroom to see if Xavier was asleep yet but to my surprise he was still reading some documents. As he sensed my presence he chuckled, getting up to walk over to me. “Ummmmm… Xavier… c-can you get me my… pajamas?” With that he bursted into laughter.

“It’s not funny geez!” With me pouting like a 5 year old he started taking off his shirt. “Umm…wait w- why are you taking off your shirt? I- i’m not ready for that yet... “ I started to ramble stuff but then Xavier noticed my panicking and handed me the shirt. “Don’t worry coniglietto* as much as I want to finish the mating process I won’t push you to do anything you don’t or are ready for.” That made me relax a bit but noticing his eight pack I hurriedly took his shirt and reclosed the bathroom door while muttering a “Thank you,” to Xavier.

* Coniglietto is italian for bunny

I walked back out to Xavier already in bed and me getting in beside him. I think he noticed that I was still nervous so he scooped me up and cuddled my head into the crook of his neck. Between his scent and warmth through his body to mine I finally relaxed and gave him a little peck on his lips before whispering a “Goodnight.” Then with him returning the kiss to my forehead I fell asleep with warmth wrapped around me.

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