Kings Mate

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Chapter 7: Update!!

I will Chapter 7: The Next Day

I woke up with Xavier still cuddling me in his arms and goddess did he look handsome, it made me want to run a hand through his disheveled hair. “

We have got to mark him soon!” Lina remarked with her admiring Xavier too.

“Get it together and stop barging into my head with random thoughts geez…” I thought back to her. With an eye roll Lina went to lay down in the back of my mind.

Then I realized that Xavier was about to wake up so I quickly shut my eyes and pretended to be asleep to see what he would do. I felt his arms shift around me and felt him massage my hair and caress my cheeks.

“You can stop pretending now Stella, I know that you are awake,” He said matter of factly. I stubbornly refused to let him win so I refused to open my eyes and continued to pretend. “I will punish you if you don’t open those gorgeous eyes in 5 seconds. 1...2...3…4...5,”

Once he reached “5” he started to run his hands up my hips and under his huge shirt. Now this made me panic so I shifted like I was still asleep to try to get away from him. But his hands held me in place and then he started to tickle me! My eyes snapped open, “Hahahahahahaha! Oh my Goddess stopppppp you win, you win okay?” With that he stopped his assault on my tummy and turned me around to face him.

“See? if you opened your eyes sooner you could have avoided that,” He claimed. “Hmph…” I puffed my cheeks out and crossed my arms in an attempt to let him see that I’m mad but he only laughed more. “Mio coniglio you are adorable the more I see of you.” Well that failed seeing I can’t stay mad at him for long.

Me and Xavier got ready together and he picked out a baby blue dress with stars lined at the bottom for me to wear and a little star earring made of blue aquamarine to match. So I picked out white sandals to wear with it meanwhile picking out a light blue dress shirt and grey pants for Xavier.

We then headed downstairs after we got ready with me finishing my hair in a half up half down hairdo and some mascara with some lipstick. When we got downstairs Xavier went to the kitchen to cook… yes I know an Alpha and a King that can cook is definitely something.

Giggling a bit I headed to the kitchen too and i’ve realized that this house isn’t really a “House” more like a massive mansion. “What are you giggling about coniglio,” Xavier questioned. “Mmmmm… Nothing in particular, just thinking about how this place is huge and....” in a very quiet whisper “how many kids we should have,” I regretted saying that last part. Because as soon as he processed what he had heard he dropped his cooking and picked my up and spun me around.

“Kids!! That was multiple! I want however many you can produce!” His eyes lit up like a kid on christmas day. And with his wolf showing through he was extra excited.

“I’d have you know that I’m not a baby machine! I was thinking more like 2 or 3… wait why am I even telling you?” “Ahhhhh!” I groaned in frustration while Xavier just chuckled and put me back down on the floor, but not before he showered me in kisses.

Once I recovered from my embarrassing confession I went to sit down for breakfast while grabbing silverware and Xavier loading our plates with waffles and some strawberries. “Mmmmm… it’s so good,” Xavier smiled and boy did it make him even more happy; if that was even possible.

“I have an important meeting later so I will be back around 7 tonight. It’s to organize your ceremony for crowning and the preparations for it,” Xavier explained. “Oh…” Feeling disappointed that Xavier won’t be able to spend time with me today either but then an idea hit me. “Can I come too? I promise I’ll be quiet and…” I was cut off by Xavier.

“Of course you can, it is your ceremony.” I smiled at that response.

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