Kings Mate

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Chapter 8: Sorry for the wait

Chapter 8: Preparations

“Look alive People! We only have 3 days till the coronation and we have got to give it our all!”

It was about 6 in the morning when I heard people cleaning and making sure we’ve got all the materials and supplies needed for the ceremony. “Hey Xavier you know that I don’t want to overspend on the ceremony right,” I asked Xavier in a worried voice.

“Mio Coniglio the pack just wants you to feel welcomed and at home, plus trust me this king does not lack money,” he joked. Still feeling bad for spending Xaviers money I went up and gave him a peck on the cheek. “Okay, I got it. I will meet you for breakfast and then we can go training after.”

“Ok my Star,” while he returned a kiss on my forehead.

I put on some yoga shorts with a sports bra; grabbing my training shoes I went to the bathroom. I put my hair into a high ponytail then into a tight bun for training. “Xavier! What are we eating today?” “How about some bacon with biscotts?” “Ooooo I like that idea!” Me and Xavier have been together for about 3 weeks and now we can have a ceremony for me to be Queen and rule by his side. We finished our breakfast and were ready to roll!

“Ready to kick some butts,” Lina remarked in my mind.

“Always!” Me and Xavier had arrived on the training fields along with Grant, Daniel, and Heather. “Stella!!! How have you been? I still can’t believe that my best friend is going to be Queen!”

“Woah there slow down your acting like we’ve not seen each other for months. And Xavier has been taking great care of me don’t worry. Speaking of which I noticed that you smell a little different; care to tell me why?” I already knew that she finished her mating process with Daniel, I just wanted to tease my best friend a bit.

“Ummmm… hahaha… OH LOOK AT THE TIME! Me and Daniel will go training now go and train with Xavier! BYEEEEEE!”

“HAHAHAHA,” Everyone bursted out laughing with Xavier and Grant while Heather dragged Daniel behind her during her escape. “Looks like my Queen likes to make fun of others,” Xavier whispered into my ear quietly. I quickly back away from him and before he could see me blush I turned around and ran into the training grounds, “Lets get on with this training.”

“Hey would you look at that girl she’s kinda hot.” Now that only earned him a death glare by Xavier which made me giggle. “No one can stare at Mio Coniglio but me,” Xavier huffed.

“Xavier relax they were just looking.” I poked him with my elbow and said, “Well aren’t you a jealous one?” Me and Grant sparred one on one and I can say that I won fair and square. By the time me and Grant were done we were both sweating bullets and needless to say I needed a shower.

“What happened to you Grant,” Xavier chuckled.

“The Queen happened that’s what,” Grant huffed out. “Well don’t you have high stamina,” I did not know which way to take that sentence; sounded wrong no matter how I took; clearing my throat, “That’s a must if i’m gonna be Queen,” I replied. With a smirk Xavier walked me to our house while I waved bye to Grant who had just recovered.

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