Kings Mate

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Chapter 9:

Chapter 9: Day of Coronation

I woke up like usual in Xaviers arms but today was different; the day of the coronation had arrived. Looking at Xaviers sleeping face I’m not sure if I was nervous or excited but I was happy to be by my mates’ side regardless of how today goes.

I was tracing his jaw line when his eyes opened and smiled when he saw what I was doing. “Good Morning my Queen,” and I responded with a smile, “Good Morning my King.”

I still can’t believe how much my feelings had grown for him during these 4 weeks. Which was still growing; this warmth is something that makes me all giddy inside. Xavier looks at me with his cold blue eyes that now are a ocean blue color. He was no longer as cold as he used too. “

“Okay let’s get up, we’ve got a long day ahead of us Mio Congilio,” Xavier said.

“Okay.” It was about 10 when Xavier went to take care of his work while I stayed to watch over the finishing preparations. “Stella! I’m back! Are you excited?” Heather barged in and had been helping me prepare after she was done with her makeup too. “Lets make you shine brighter than the Northern Light now shall we?” “My Goddess Heather! Just please don’t overdo it to the point I can’t even tell who I am anymore!”

“Okay, okay Queen just let me do your makeup.” I closed my eyes and sighed as Heather finished my delicate makeup. “Okay!

Finished!” After Heather was done curling my hair and fixing it in place she went and put baby breath flowers into the braided portions of my hair.

Heather turned me around to go put on my dress which was a beige white wedding dress with gold intricate details on them to highlight the train in the back and along the front.

Heather helped me lace up the back of the dress too while I climbed into the gold heels that had silver on the sides. I took a deep breath then turned to face the mirror to see myself. “Oh my Goddess, I- I don’t even know how…” My black hair was braided up in a crown-like position on my head with half my hair still curled that fell along my back. The white dress fitted me like a glove. The train was gorgeous as well; then came my makeup. The details were so delicate and my skin was almost glassy clear along with my lashes curled and a natural eyeliner made me feel very elegant while still looking my age. Then I put on my diamond earrings to finish the look, “I look so different… I mean I am still me but I don’t know but I like it!

Thanks Heather!” Heather had gotten dressed and was wearing a green and gold dress that went to her knees and black heels. “No problem it is sorta your big day! I had to give it my all to make my best friend happy!”

By the time we finished our looks and made sure everything was in place it was already 5 in the afternoon.

The Ball room had been decorated with gold and red to show some of the Chinese wedding perspective but was also mixed with Western items such as flowers, the ceiling, and some of the food.

“Mom! Dad! Over here!” I shouted over to my parents who arrived early to help host this coronation; I was supposed to be in the back and not out here but I wanted to see my parents. “How is my little girl!” “Is he treating you well?”

Needless to say I was bombarded with many questions about life here in the palace. “Everything is fine mom and dad. How is the pack doing?” “The pack is just fine dear, everyone sends their blessing,” My dad said with a smile on his face. Heather then came running towards me. “Stella! We need to get you to the back to finish preparations and before Xavier sees you!”

“Yeah, yeah… Bye mom and dad!” Heather, “You know its tradition that the bride can’t be seen by the husband on wedding/ coronation day!”

“Yes, now please stop fussing no one saw me.”

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