Dangerous Obsession

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16-year-old Morgan Miller, is your average teenage girl. She's outgoing, loves to have fun, and occasionally has a bit too much at some parties. But once the summer starts, she is in for a surprise when her best friend gets some fake ID's and they go out to a lounge, there she meets a man that she falls in love with but how far is she willing to go, to get him to see that. *This story does have some explicit scenes, but I will always let you know when its going to start and when it ends!*

Romance / Thriller
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Chapter 1 - The Beginning

Have you ever been in love? If your answer is no, then I am sad to say you are missing out on the best feeling there is, but its only downside is that it can turn out to be the worst feeling ever. But if you work hard and do whatever it takes, that feeling can be pure ecstasy, leaving you wanting more and more until there is nothing left to think about. You wake up thinking about it, eat thinking about it, sleep thinking about it. Well I think you get my point. Its currently what I think about as I sit in the police station getting ready to explain this to them. They don’t understand how deep my love goes for him. That I would die for him. Kill for him, but I guess that’s what landed me here.....

I wonder if my life would have turned out differently if I never met him.

~ 3 Months Ago ~

I groan as a stupid beeping sounds enter my mind. I turn the other way putting my pillow over my head.




I jump out of bed pulling my alarm clock out the wall and throwing it across the room. I mentally slap myself for not turning the alarm off, the last day of school was yesterday and to be honest it was the last thing on my mind. I plug my phone into the charger and as I wait for it to turn on, I walk into my bathroom staring at myself in the mirror. My hair is sticking in all directions and my make-up is smudged all over my face. I groan, upset that I forgot to shower last night. I brush my teeth and jump in the shower for a quick wash. Looking at myself now, I feel a lot better. I hear my phone ping and I walk back into my room to look at it.

When I see the time, I just want to jump back into bed, its only 7:42. I open my messages and see its from my bestie, but then realize it was from last night. It was a picture of us from the party last night. I can’t seem to really remember it though, I remember getting ready, picking up Ash and then getting there. We mingled and then everything gets black after my fourth maybe fifth drink. Who knows, I shrug it off and walk to my closet. I throw on some undies and bra, then grab some pajama shorts with a tank top. I put my hair into a bun and head downstairs.

“Hey sweetie, your up early.” My mom says sounding super cheery and at this moment I wish I had inherited that gene. I just wave my hand mumbling good morning as I grab my mug serving myself some fresh coffee. I wouldn’t survive without it. My mom puts a cereal bar in front of me apologizing that she didn’t make any breakfast because she expected me to sleep in. She gives me a kiss on the head and waves goodbye as she walks out the house no doubt heading to work. I swear that women never takes a break. I look at my phone and realize it’s only 8:15 and that no one would be up, so I head back to my room laying down deciding I’ll just watch some Netflix and chill. I click on Riverdale, excited to watch the first few episodes. A few episodes later, I know I instantly love Cheryl, knowing that people wouldn’t since she is the so call mean girl. I just think she looks super-hot and speaks her mind. Reminds me a bit of myself minus making people fear me.

My phone buzzes and its Ash, its about time she woke up. I open her message and laugh at her bluntness. “What up bitch?” Instead of texting her I call her, she finally picks up the phone repeating exactly what she texted me. “Nothin hoe, watcha doin today?“, “Not sure Morg, but I got a surprise for your eyes only, that will help us have a fun summer” and I can just feel her wiggling her eyebrows as she finishes talking. “Well then hurry it up and get over here, my parents aren’t home, and Ash please bring me back my pink heels, I am not going to forget just because you choose to ignore me.” I can feel the roll of her eyes as she promises that she is packing them in her bag now, saying she will be here in a few minutes and hangs up. I make my bed and clean up my room a bit, happy that she has keys to the house, so I don’t have to go all the way downstairs.

I know Ash is here when she walks into my house announcing her arrival very loudly. “Get your ass up here already and since I know your in my fridge already bring me some water.” As I’m putting my laptop away, something hits the back of my head. I land face first on the floor, as I rub the back of my head vigorously. I pick my head up and see the water bottle a bit in front of me. I turn and see Ash smirking, trying her best to hold in her laughter. It takes less then a minute before she is on the floor with tears in her eyes clutching her stomach. “Oh my god, I can’t believe I didn’t record that, you just dropped” She finishes her little moment with wiping tears from her eyes. I get up and grab the water drinking a bit as I ignore her. Poke...Poke...Poke... I smack her hand away glaring at her and she just looks like a little kid with her puppy dog eyes. She knows that is my one weakness with her. I just can’t stay mad at her and I pull her into a hug, telling her I love her, and she says the same to me pinching my cheeks.

“Can I see the surprise only for my eyes now, I have curious ever since you told me.” She smiles brightly and runs to her bag, one pulling out my heels and I gave her a stern looking pointing to my closet knowing that she knows where to out them, then she pulls out two small rectangular cards. “So you brought some credit cards, I hope your mom gave you permission this times, I don’t want to be grounded during the summer” She rolls her eyes as she flicks it to me, It lands on my bed and when I pick it up, I look at her giving her my most evil looking face to she that she is giving me hers. They were fake ID’s telling the people of the world who see it that my name is Tracey Scott, and that I am 22 years old.

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