Knight of Skies

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Tamen is a squire given the task to take a boy who is seen as deranged back home. Along the way, he begins to wonder if the male truly is a prince who fell from the sky.

Romance / Adventure
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Prince of Skies

“Long, long ago in a land past the barrier of the blue mountains, there was a kingdom in the sky. No, not heaven. It was a world of giants and air sprites, and in a castle made out of stones light as clouds, there was a–”

“A prince!” A small child piped in, smiling at his grandmother excitedly. He had heard the story over a billion times, and yet he asked for another.

The woman laughed, bringing the boy up on her lap, “With hair white as a cloud and eyes–”

“–that reflected the sky.” He giggled.

“When he was sad, grey clouds were reflected within them. When angry–”

“–lightning would spark!”

“When sad–”

“–his eyes would reflect the rain.”

“When happy–”

–you could see a blue sky with white clouds moving around.”

“And when loving, the sunset. He ruled the kingdom in the sky. One where the giants brought thunder and rain, the sprites brought wind, and the prince–”

“–the sky itself, a kingdom more beautiful than anything seen before.”

“And there’s only one way to get to it.”

“Within the blue mountains, where you see fish swimming in the sky, blue birds burrowing in the ground, and dirt made out of stars.”

“And only a girl has seen this prince, and he had to leave before he could kiss her lips. At the top that represented a base in his world. He left her standing, with a promise to maybe come back.”

“But did he, Mama?” The boy asked his grandmother like he did every night.

“We’ll never know, Tamen.”

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