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My Beautiful Mates

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Mates, see what happens when they find each other.

Romance / Fantasy
Uzumaki Senpai
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Dikoda’s POV

I woke up to the sound of my parents banging on my door. This pack house of mine called the Dark Shadow Pack, is the reason why I was so exhausted. Apparently, I am almost of age to finally get my mate and I have been having these weird dreams about four different people saying they love me and that I will be theirs. Four people? Really?

After almost an hour of banging on my door, my dad decided to use his alpha voice in my head and boy did that wake me up. I fell off the bed and someone ended up on top of me. It was my best friend. Sound asleep after all that banging! When did she get here? That bitch probably snuck in last night.

I woke her up by lifting her and dropping her onto the bed and she let out a loud gasp and I quickly ran to the bathroom before she could say anything and locked the door.

“Dad!” I yelled through the mind-link from the bathroom, “Don’t ever do that again! I could have died!” Of course I was exaggerating, but he was being unnecessary. So yes, welcome to a normal day in the Dark Shadow Pack house.

I’m Dikoda Griffith. I’m an intersex and I am very proud of that fact.

No, that doesn’t mean I go around having sex with people. An intersex simply means that I have both male and female sexual organs, but the male genital area is the main one. I’m a virgin and I’d like to stay that way until I find my mate. Or mates. I’m thinking about having a harem really, but who knows!

I allowed my best friend to use the bathroom first because I might take a while. When she came out of the bathroom, she was blushing and I raised an eyebrow and watched her questioningly.

She looks at me and says, “I felt your little friend this morning. I was honestly really shocked. It just felt so hard and big, bigger than my ex-boyfriend.”

I looked at her rolled my eyes, “Don’t bring up your stupid ex-boyfriend.” She nodded and I continued, “and of course I’m bigger than him.”

She seemed surprised by my comment and raised her eyebrows as if to challenge me.

I smirked, “No best friend, I cannot have sex with you. I only see you as a friend and nothing more unless the moon goddess says differently. Until I’m eighteen, we cannot do it.”

So my best friend’s name is Emily Stewart and she has had a crush on me since I had my glow up’. Since I am a werewolf, I work out a lot and well I have a long ras (locs). I told her we’ll continue this talk later because I was starving. After taking my long cold bath, I dressed and saw Emily sitting on the bed waiting for me. As soon as I walked out, she looked up with eyes holding so many different emotions and I know they were because of me.

Emily’s POV

Last night I couldn’t sleep, so I snuck into my best friend’s bed knowing that I’d feel more comfortable. I have been having dreams of my parents and the car crash that happened to them. I was in the car that night, but I was still alive and I have no idea how that happened though I am happy I am still alive. This happened about six years ago and it still haunts me but I try not to let it get to me because I know my parents are in a better place now. I guess it’s time to get up because I keep hearing banging on the door but I ignored it and snuggled more into my best friend.

Suddenly, I felt like I was pulled off the bed and on top of something. I didn’t move really because I still wanted to sleep some more dreading heading to school because of the things that go on when I go to that place and well my best friend does not know about it. After all, I know she will lose her cool and do something she might regret so I keep it to myself.

I felt whatever was under me lift me and drop me on the bed and that made me wake up and gasp loudly and there I saw it my best friend whom I have a crush on for about a year now smiling at me like she won a goddamn trophy. I started to curse her and was about to tackle her but she ran to the bathroom and well I heard footsteps moving away from the door and I’m guessing that was her dad trying to get her up because she is not a morning person.

She came out of the bathroom and told me to bathe first and well I was not watching her face at the time I was looking at that bulge coming from her boxers and oh that body of hers, I just want to run my tongue on it. When I realized what my thoughts were, I ran to the bathroom before she can see my face.

I took a cool bath trying to rectify my thoughts before I go back outside, I did all my hair stuff and brushing of my teeth and then exited the bathroom. Once I was done with everything I walked outside to see her sitting on the bed and the bulge sowing more because she was leaning on her hands and well I was embarrassed because I was watching someone I considered my best friend in a way I should not really and I know deep down she only loves me as a best friend and I was just blushing and she caught wind of it.

I am so ready to die I said to myself. so I decided to tell her, ” I felt your little friend this morning and well I was shocked and felt a little weird but do not worry I still love you best friend is just it was so hard and it felt so big, bigger than my ex-boyfriend.“she replied and that had me in my feelings because I really wanted to be more but I guess it’s true when they say supernaturals wait for their soulmates and she went to the bathroom and I just sat on the bed and waited for her so we can go get breakfast and go to school which I am dreading by the way I am so lucky we are in senior year and will be leaving that school.

Dikoda’s POV

I was about to ask her what was going on but then she started to say let’s go down for breakfast or we will be late for school and she was right so that’s just what we did. While heading downstairs I stopped to check on my twin brother and see if he was ready for school and well I guess he was because he was not in his room and well between the both of us he is more responsible when it comes to getting up and getting ready for school.

As we went downstairs I greeted my pack members and my parents who are the Alpha and Luna of this pack. My parents’ names are Clifford and Jean Griffin and oh boy are they always lovey-dovey and well I hope to be so someday anyway so I let it slide until it gets to unbearable to watch well that’s when we know its time to head to school, breakfast was great of course because my mom made and well there is a lot of respect in this pack we do not let nonsense fly.

After we have breakfast everyone that has to go to school heads to their car and drives to school and well my best friend and my twin brother Lebron always ride with me because they say is more efficient until we start the basketball season which I am a part of then they will start to drive for themselves.

So remember I said we will continue the talk, we did not because she said it was nothing to worry about and that she was alright and I know for sure that it was not anything but I let it slide one reason is that I know she is not ready to talk about it, also I know she was lying because of my super hearing but I try not to show that I am using it on her. I parked in the school’s parking lot and we get out and started to walk to the school’s front door.

As we walk in my brother automatically left our side and wet to meet his best friend Baki (who is the brother of one of the four goddesses of this school), which I totally think they’re both crushing on each other but the whole mate thing is keeping them from furthering what they feel. Emily and I continued to our lockers which were practically right next to each other and take out our books for our first period which was AP Mathematics and yes I know you take that, I am what you call on the (DL) down low smart.

Emily has English first period so we won’t be seeing each other until third period which both of us have AP Biology. While thinking and collecting and putting my things in my locker I saw the four goddesses pass and boy they left me in a daze because of how beautiful they are but what caught be is how they were watching Emily and smirking in a kind of evil way which got me thinking but I pushed it aside because I know if I asked anything I would not get an answer from her.

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