The New Kid

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Isabella Romano is a sophomore at Stanrod High School. She is your average teenager, not to many friends but a couple close ones. Angelos Bruni is the new kid at school. When Isabella is chosen to show Angelos around school, will it blossom into just a friendship or more?

Romance / Humor
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Chapter 1


I looked at myself in the long mirror against the wall. I was short, about 5'2" and a little less than 115 pounds. I had long brown hair that almost reached my butt and hazel eyes. There was nothing really special about me.

"Isabella, come down for breakfast!" My mom called to me from the kitchen.

"I'm coming," I yelled back. I smoothed a wrinkle in my yellow flowery dress and walked downstairs.

"Hurry up and eat so I can take your picture before you leave for school," mom told me. I rolled my eyes and hoped she didn't see. She did.

"You know how important it is to spend time with you on the first day of school. I'm sorry that I'm proud of the beautiful lady you've become," mom said and took my hand in hers.

"So you're saying I was ugly before?"

"Oh, you know what I mean."

A couple minutes later I was slipping on my sandals and heading out the door with my older brother, Hunter, close behind. Mom took our pictures then kissed us goodbye. I started get into the passenger seat of Hunter's car before he stopped me.

"You know I'm picking up Marcus too, right?" he asked. Marcus was Hunters best friend.


"So he always gets the front seat." I rolled my eyes and got in the back.

When we reached the school, I started to walk towards my locker. I passed the group of popular girls who thought they were better than everyone else, the scrawny boys on their laptops, and even a kid vaping in the middle of the hallway. When I got to my locker, I saw Lily leaning against it.

"Hey bestie," she grinned and hugged me. Lily was my best and one of my only friends. She was about 4 inches taller than me and had shoulder length dirty blond hair and blue eyes.

"Hey Lil," I replied. Once I put some things in my locker, we started heading for our class which we thankfully had together.

"Did you here there is a new kid coming today? I heard he's really cute," Lily said as we reached the classroom.

"Oh, I didn't know," I replied. Suddenly, the teacher, Miss Kinnen, called me up to her desk.

"Hi Isabella, I'm Miss Kinnen! I know we haven't meet yet, but I was wondering if, given your previous grades and teachers comments, you could show the new student around for the next few days."

"Yes, I can do that. It was nice to meet you," I repiled. I was really wondering if her was as cute as Lily said.

"It was nice meeting you, too. You can go down to the office and get him now," she said.

I walked into the office and saw a boy sitting near the secretary. I almost gasped when I saw him, he was that handsome. He had dark brown hair that lightly curled on his head and green eyes. He had a perfect face shape, too. Before I stared for too long, I turned my attention to the secretary.

"Hi, I'm here to show the new student around," I said with a smile.

"Great, this is Angelos," she said pointing to the boy. He smiled at me and I felt my cheeks grow warm.

"Hi Angelos, I'm Isabella." I said as he stood up and jeez, he was tall. He was about 6' with a good amount of muscles. He had on a gold Cross necklace tucked behind a black t-shirt with basketball shorts. He was so handsome, but I knew I was totally out of his league.

Angleos cleared his throat and I looked up, my cheeks burning.

"Sorry, let's go. Whats your first class?"

"English with Ms. Kinnen." Angelo's voice was deep.

"Great, me too." Angelos followed me put of the office and to the classroom. The walk was silent and awkward so I attempted to make conversation.

"So, Angelos. Where are you from?" I asked him.

"New York."

"The city part or the somewhere else?"

"Somewhere else." He stated.

"Thats cool. I don't really like the city. Its so crowded and dirty and I always see people fighting when I'm there." I confessed.

"I think the same thing. I rarely go there. I'd rather be hiking," Angelos said with a small smile.

"Me too!" We had some things in commonm.

Once we reached the classroom, Angelos sat down next to me, but only because it was the last seat available. I could see all the girls looking at him.

A couple classes later, I was waiting for Social Studies to start. I had showed Angelos how to get here but before he went in a girl called his name. She probably wanted to get to know him. All of him.

A couple seconds before the bell, he walked in. There were two seats open, one next to me and one closer to the back. He chose the one next to me. I tried to contain my happiness.

"Hello everyone, I'm Mr. McKenna. For yhe first couple days you will be working on a project with a partner," he started and students seemed happy. "Of my choosing." Groans erupted in the class. I just hoped I wouldn't get a lousy partner.

"The project will be; you will pick a place in the world. For instance, Moscow, Russia, and research facts about it. More information is in my Google Classroom." He started to assign partners and I noticed he just picked by seating arrangement. When he got to me he said,

"OK Isabella, and Angelos here." I sighed and turned to him.

"Why the long face?" Angelos asked me.

"Well, everytime I get partnered with a boy for a project I do all the work."

"I promise to do my half of the work."

"Pinky Promise?" I asked holding up my pinky and slightly pouting my lips. He chuckled and we pinky swore. Just that small touch by him made me feel special.

"So do you have a place you want to research?" I asked.

"Maybe we could do somewhere in Italy. I'm Italian," he replied.

"I am too," I confessed. We spend the rest of class finding a city in Italy to research.

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