Enticing Eyes (Invisible Strings series 1)

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Chapter 1

What is your favorite time of the year?

For Leia, it is always the rainy season. She thinks that the heavens heard our deepest appeals, answers them, and gives us blessings in the form of water droplets falling from the infinite sky.

She looked from the window at her side, she smiled.

She picked her pencil up and started to sketch a figure.

She loves all types of art, but fashion designing is absolutely close to her heart. It mesmerizes how a single piece of clothing can tell such a story, from the culture behind those fabrics to the passionate designers.

Before she knew it, she's now looking at a woman wearing a dress.

Her classmates stood up and her adviser moved to her next class.

Her phone buzzed, she got a message from her Older brother, Desmond.

"Meet me in the coffee shop ."

"Be there in five.", she texted back.

She gathered her things and hurried up to the coffee shop located nearby her school. She's pretty sure that she will receive an earful, otherwise, her brother would not even bother to see her.

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