The deal

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how do you feel when you've always had everything and then suddenly, it's all gone? well that's how am feeling right now. don't get me wrong this story is not about me, it's about him... but the thing is 'for how long will he last?' let's find out after all it's only a deal -warning, there might be a lot swearing, donor you don't like swearing then it's not for you-

Romance / Humor
Quinn Labesa
Age Rating:

Chapter one- Sisters

It was only Jordan, Nicki and I that were in this part of the hallway where Heather Peterson's locker is.


Jordan had a back pack of all the materials or as I would like to call it ingredients for our prank.

We headed to Heather's locker and as Nicki did her combination, Jordan put the clay into the locker. And luckily that side of the hallway was the messiest side of Riders High school cause.

#1 no teachers even bother of going there.

#2 no cameras are located there.

#3 and surprisingly all the cool people got their lockers there e.g me, Abbie, the girls, *scoff* Heather, Alex, Anthony, and many more people.

So with all these reasons there is no way we are getting caught for our beautiful masterpiece. After sticking the clay into her locker, Nicki brought out a little rose flower "let's stick it in as y'know, a present or something" then we both laughed at her ridiculous suggestion before finally sticking it in with the note of a simple words.

The next time I catch you screwing my boyfriend it won't be funny! :-D.

I really didn't have any problem with anyone kissing Corry because I was gonna break up with him tommorow anyways. But out of all people in the world Corry chose Heather Peterson? Not on my watch.

That's why I'm doing this.

By the way, I just skipped literature class which means detention for me.

After biology class which I slept almost throughout, we headed to the cafeteria where we met the rest of the girls already in their spot. Jordan was already telling them about what we did to Heather when we (Nicki and I) arrived.

After a long list on why all of us hate Heather, the devil herself finally came.

"Ivy!" Was the first thing she shouted getting attention from literally everyone.

"What?" I asked casually and took a sip from my soda.

"Are you asking me what?" She further asked then I gave her this isn't it obvious look and she finally spoke out "you all will pay... one-by-one" then she took off and sashayed away.


Few seconds after she was gone, all of us looked at each other before bursting out into a thick laughter, there is nothing she or her two best friends Makina and Katherine can do to us and we pretty much knew that. The only power she ever got was from Mr.Carson her uncle who is the principal.

"What's she gonna do?" Abigail quickly says "tell her uncle to give us a detention" she added yet with a mocking voice and we all continued laughing.

That's who we are... We don't have a specified name yet, but most people call us 'the twins' sure were not two, but we are sisters, sisters that can never be separated.

The next day, on school already with Abbie and Tasha, we were all going to the same history class.

"Hey, I just posted a pic with Jaden, check it out" Tasha announced and we did as she said.

"Oh my gosh Tash" Abigail cooed "you two look so cool in that picture"

"Yeah I know" she replied "but too bad we're breaking up today"

"C'mon you two make the cutest" Abigail tried to change her mind.

Then she laughed and said "but I have no real feelings for him"

"I kinda like Corry a bit" I said "but I think I'm gaining interest in Jaden so it's a good thing you two are breaking up"

Then we all laughed because we know it isn't possible for me to date Jaden. That's how our group goes, no one is allowed to date another members ex-boyfriend. That's why they probably hate me. Because I took the school's goldenboy Alex as my boyfriend before any of them could. But that rule was the rule that kept us six together for so long.

We all stopped by my locker because I hadn't yet picked up my History text book, then i felt a strong grip on my hands and for a second my heart jumped out of my chest and as soon as I turned my back, my lips locked with the incredible, soft lips of Alex Peterson. He was stupid, but I still kissed him back. He was trying to mess with me because we weren't dating but I missed the sweet scent of his cologne.

When we finally pulled apart I noticed that both Tasha and Abigail were gone. "What was that?" I asked with a smirk.

"You didn't like it?"

"You're not my boyfriend anyways"

"If you didn't like it you would have pushed me away" and he smirked at me.

I rolled my eyes at him before facing back my locker and walking out. I like him...well not love but he's cool, but I'm not gonna be his Barbie like every other girl in school so nice try Alex.

Then I headed to class.

Okay these are just the introductory chapters that you need to understand the book so hey! *Give yourself a pat on the back* and let's continue reading.

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