The deal

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Chapter two- Corry

The next day I got down from my bed and immediately my personal maid came over and dropped me a cup of coffee. Then in no time my tub was settup for me to take my bath—

As if!

That's probably the life Abigail is getting for being rich, while I'm stuck in this 1992 dump they call a house (don't get me wrong my house isn't that old I'm just you know... exaggerating)

Now this is what actually happened: I got down from my bed and went to my Vanity table to arrange my messy bedhair before I brushed my teeth and headed downstairs "good morning Irene" my mom greeted.

"Yeah whatever" I nonchalantly murmured but she didn't hear me anyways.

After my breakfast I took my bath and headed to school, I'm so surprised my mom even was at home this morning, she normally goes out to meet her boyfriend almost everyday, she still just doesn't want to get over my dad. *Sigh* they should both just come back together, I want to be back together with Abigail and I slightly want to be rich too.

"So tropical" they all cooed.

I was in school, all the girls and I were gisting in the hallway then suddenly, Audrey came up with this "we should have a slumber party tonight"

"Awesome" they all agreed

"At whose house exactly?" I asked getting worked up.

"Tasha's" suggested Jordan.

"Come on" Tasha argued "my house is so boring"

Then they all looked around "how about you Nicki?" I suggested

"We did our last sleepover there, doesn't it get...somehow?"

Then we continued to look around again and suddenly all eyes stiffened on me.

"No no no guys, were not having a slumber party at my house" I protested.

"Why not" Nicki prolonged it.

"Because I...don't know how to host slumber parties"

"Don't worry well help you" Audrey insisted.

"No thanks, my cat died mom has been so worked up about it so she doesn't want any visitors"

"But it's your cat" Nicki stated.

"Yeah" I tried to find a comeback "yeah...yeah, family cat actually."

"Family cat." Abigail repeated after me "since when did Mom get a family cat?"

"Since now" then the bell rang and saved me from the next comeback.

All of them went away, apart from Abbie. "What was that all about?" She asked.

"What?" I asked

"The sudden...awkwardness"

Then I sighed before I answered her "they are all rich"


"They won't like...I'm not...I'm not like y'all"

"C'mon don't be such a pooper, we're your friends, your close friends, your best friends, your sisters, you've been keeping this from them...from us for two years now, aren't you gonna tell us"

"Abbie no. You've always had what you want, I've never gotten it, and I'm not risking this for a slumber party"

"What aren't you risking?"

"You all"

Then she stood up "you don't even understand yourself right now" and she left.

So what now, I'm committing a crime by not telling them that my mom's not a billionaire?

Nothing can be hidden under the sun for a long time Ivy.

And that is why I'm gonna tell them soon.

Soon as in when? Or you're still gonna depend on Abigail to give you cool clothes with dope styles?


Get a life.

So you are also mad at me?

Just go to class now will ya?

And here goes nothing. The brake up.

I'm breaking up with Corry. I head to the gym after French class and I stand by the entrance till he turns and notices me.

He comes my direction and when he wants to kiss me I push him off "no way bad boy" I state.

"Now why are you being so picky" he said before wrapping his hands around my waist.

"We're done"

Then his face suddenly became serious "done?"

"You heard me."

"Don't tell me youre—"

I cut him off "I'm breaking up with you"

"Ivy you can't be serious"

"Well I am" I said before walking past him, making sure my front shoulder hits against his and when we crossed parts, I whispered "tell Heather I'm greeting" and I felt him stiffening as I passed with my proud smirk on my face.

"...and that was how we broke up" I told the girls in the cafeteria.

"Oh my gosh, I'm so proud of you" Tasha said to me.

"You really laid this one down" Nicki commented "the whole school expected Corry and you to like get married or something, but you just had to bite it out now didn't you?"

"C'mon he was a good guy" whined Abbie.

Audrey only chuckled before finally saying "so who are going for next?"

Hmm true. Who am I going for next? Then I looked around the cafeteria before I saw a cute guy sitting on a table at the back, alone.

"Who's that?" I whispered lost in thoughts to Tasha. Then we all glanced at him eating his apple, not even noticing that six beautiful girls were looking at him.

"I don't know" Audrey snapped "never seen him before"

"I think he's some kinda Bradley...or was it Brandon...something 'B' I don't know" Tasha spoke.

"He's Bobby Robert Jones" Nicki spoke up.

"And how do you know so much about him?" Abigail asked

"Abbie I haven't been stalking him" she defended "we go to the same chemistry class and we were lab partners well, more than once"

"So he's some kinda hot nerd" Jordan suggested.

"If you put it that way" Nicki said and we all continued to eat our food "how about you and Alex?" Nicki once again asked me.

"For the thousandth time Nickita Ronianne Maxwell, there is nothing going on between Alex and I"

"You think I don't know about your kiss yesterday?" And as soon as she said that, my eyes lit up "Tash told me"

As soon as she said that, I stood up and tried to hit Tasha while Tasha keeps dodging then the others laughed at us.

Then suddenly the bell rang and they all headed off to deal with some Katrina girl like this. While I sat "you coming?" Jordan shouted to me before they left.

"I'll be there"

As they left, I took one last glance to the hot geek guy "Bobby, Bobby Robert" I said to myself before I stood up and left.

That is who were gonna focus on, Bobby Robert, he's our star but let me understand this more...


(Let's find out).

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